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Terms of using the services of The Market of Buying and Selling Leads

Subject of the services: Buying Leads, Selling Leads and sending of Business Opportunities- further just "services of ABC Market".


The Services of ABC Market are products of the company ABC Českého Hospodářství or ABC Slovenského Hospodárstva (further only "entrepreneur").


The following text is a contract agreement by submitting to which the user accepts and commits to the rules given for the usage of following services.


The main aim of the Services of the ABC Market is to mediate Business Opportunities to small companies as well as for bigger firms from Czech/Slovak Republic but also for companies from abroad.


1. Registration

A user- business subject, it means an entrepreneur (physical or juridical person) can register only in the terms of valid legal regulations.


Services connected with the registration differ according to the type of Registered Users into:


  • "Proper registration of the user", which is provided For Free
  • And "Registered User of ABC Market"


Closer look at point 2 of these Terms of using the Services of the ABC Market.

The rights for the using of the system mostly differ according to the type of Registered Users. Both types of Registered Users submit to follow the Terms of using the Services of the ABC Market.


Proper registration is thought to be the statement of all compulsory registration data in accord with reality:

  • Non-obligatory data do not have to be filled in, but they cannot be filled in contrast with the reality
  • Registered user is obliged to correct this data in case of any changes in the course of 30 days from the moment of their change
  • In case the entrepreneur finds out any contrast of registration data with reality either during the registration or anytime during the using of the services by the user, he alerts the user about this and the user is obliged to remedy this imperfection in the course of 10 days from the day of alert.
  • If the user does not eliminate this imperfection in due time the entrepreneur has the right to dissolve the contract of the registration and stop publishing any of the records of this user.
  • Registered user accepts the insertion into the Database of Business Contacts which is controlled by employers of the ABC Českého Hospodářství/ABC Slovenského Hospodárstva
  • After finishing the registration the user gets a password on the e-mail address given by the user at registration.


2. Types of Registered Users


2.1. User registered For Free

A Registered User is a user who properly registers into the system for free. Since the time of his registration he will be getting Buying Leads and Selling Leads on his e-mail from those branches he has chosen.


Registered User gets the contact data in the buying leads with 21 days delay in comparison to the Members of ABC.


Registered user can insert into system his buying leads which are not in contrast with the"Terms of using the Services of ABC Market".


By the registration the Registered User gets a brief company presentation in the range of 250 characters which is showed in the company's overview (it cannot contain only key words- it must be a continuous text) and basic contact data on the company.


The Registered User can insert his company into maximum of 3 subcategories in the Catalogue of the Companies.


The Registered User can put just information about maximum of 3 products or services into his company's presentation. The title may have maximum of 50 characters and the detailed description up to 150 characters.

2.2 Registered Member of ABC


Registered Member of ABC is a user who has properly registered into the system for a certain payment and concluded a contract with the entrepreneur.


Registered Member of ABC has the right to insert not only Buying Leads but also Selling Leads of his products and services. There are the same terms for these records as for the insertion of Buying Leads. A Member of ABC is allowed to insert pictures (documents) to his Selling Leads which are in correspondence with the text of the Selling Lead. The ABC has a right not to publish improper picture attached to the Selling Lead. The picture might be the logo in case it concerns the Selling Lead of services of particular user.


3. Rights and duties of the User

By the registration to the system the user agrees with sending informational e-mails from the branch he has chosen during registration on the e-mail address he has stated. This activity is not considered to be so called "spam" from the side of the entrepreneur.


By this the User explicitly proclaims that he will not offer the contents of Buying/Selling leads to the third persons, especially not to the persons whose subject of business might be in direct unfair competition relationship with the entrepreneur. The user commits to make an appropriate effort in the way that the third persons who are or might be a competition to the entrepreneur will not be able to use or copy the data, information or know-how of the entrepreneur.


If the user in any way breaks the above-stated duty the entrepreneur is authorized to ask the User for contract penalty 100 000,- CZK/SK or 3000 EUR and for the liability of indemnity.


The User agrees with entrepreneur's sending of any e-mail messages containing the information about the news offered by the other services of the entrepreneur and about the products of third persons in the correspondence with the law of some services of information companies.


4. Rights and duties of the entrepreneur

The entrepreneur commits himself not to purvey personal data of the users which are saved in the system to any third person with the exception of official application of the Police and state bodies authorized to request these information in correspondence with legal regulations.


All the data saved in the box of Registered User are considered to be his personal data and are under the protection according to the regulations about telecommunication secrets and so on).


5. Insertion of the Buying and Selling Leads

The user who is registered for free can insert only Buying Leads into the system. Insertion of Selling Leads is a charged service. The price list of services is available at business meeting.


After proper registration the user is allowed to insert his buying leads into the system in correspondence with these Terms of Using the Services.



The user states also the branch in which the Buying/Selling Lead is to be published, when he is inserting it. The entrepreneur has the right to control the insertion of the Buying/Selling Lead into specific sector (category) and in case of its non-correspondence is able to change or cancel this insertion. The user commits to insert the Buying/Selling Leads in the sectors where it belongs.


The entrepreneur has a right to refuse the Buying/Selling Lead of the user. The user will be informed about the refusal.


The contact data stated by the user in his Buying/Selling Lead will be published in that way but if he changes them himself. The user has the right to change the contact data anytime during the period of using the Services of ABC Market (the only thing the user cannot change is the ID number).


The registered user agrees by the insertion of the Buying/Selling Lead with its massive sending by e-mail to all registered users who are interested in getting the records from the branch where the Buying/Selling Lead is being located.


It is not allowed to publish Buying/Selling Lead in the system of Services of the ABC Market which are mediated by a third person as for not to offend the good name and credibility of the entrepreneur and his clients.


There are only direct trades running between the supplier and the consumer in the market. It is prohibited to publish Buying or Selling lead mediated by third subject for a payment or for free.


In case the violation of this obligation happens the entrepreneur is allowed not to publish such buying/selling lead and is allowed to ask the user, who has broken this obligation, for contract penalty 100 000,- Kc/SK or 3000 EUR and for the liability of indemnity.


In this way the entrepreneur asks the users to report any violation of proper using of the system of ABC Market so that the entrepreneur can make a reformation and eliminate defective state.


The Buying/Selling Lead will be published in the system in the course of 48 hours (in work days) from posting the Buying/Selling Lead in the system of the Services of ABC Market by the user. This period is inevitable for the ratification of the record.


6. Prohibition to insert buying and selling leads

On the web sites of ABC Market it is not possible to publish Buying/Selling Lead that are in contrast to valid laws, especially in contrast with the law about the regulation of advertisement and about the change and replenishment of the law about the operation of radio and television broadcasting within the meaning of later regulations (further just "the law about advertisement"). It is prohibited to publish especially those Buying/Selling Leads which might accomplish the state of facts of unfair competition.


It is prohibited to publish those Buying/Selling Leads which might be in contrast to legal regulations especially:

  • Based on subliminal perception (in the way that the buying/selling lead have an influence on the subconscious mind of physical person without her knowing it),
  • Buying/Selling Lead fulfilled the characteristics of delusory advertisement
  • Buying/Selling Lead fulfilled the characteristics of hidden advertisement. This is taken as an advertisement in which it is difficult to distinguish whether it is an advertisement especially because it is not stated to be an advertisement,
  • It cannot be in contrast with good morals especially if it contains any discrimination of race, sex or nationality or it attacks religious or national feeling, it threatens the morality in generally unacceptable way, it decreases human dignity, it contains aspects of pornography, violence or aspects using the motive of fear, it cannot attack political conviction.
  • It cannot support the behavior that damages health or threatens the safety of people or property, as well as the conduct that violates the concerns in environmental protection,
  • Buying/Selling Lead cannot contain direct contact data or web link,
  • Buying/Selling Leads cannot duplicate, it is not possible to insert buying/selling lead more times with the same contents not even slightly changed one, but on the same product or service from one client.
  • The Member of ABC can update selling leads just in 3 week interval after publishing.
  • The Member of ABC can insert maximum of 5 selling leads daily with the same date of validity.


In case the user inserts the buying/selling lead in the system of the entrepreneur which will be in the contrast to valid legal regulations and there would be a threat of right of recovery from the state bodies towards the entrepreneur due to this conduct or that the entrepreneur is worse for it, the user is obliged to compensate such damages as well as the loss of profit.


The entrepreneur has a right not to publish or to change inacceptable or duplicate Buying/Selling Leads (for e.g. when there is a Buying/Selling Lead wrongly categorized into the Branch Catalogue by the user, the entrepreneur has a right to replace the Buying/Selling Lead into such branch where it logically fits). Buying and Selling Leads in contrast to the law will not be published.


7. Protection of personal data

The user by inserting the Buying/Selling Leads into the system in correspondence with the law about the protection of personal data within the meaning of later regulations testifies that he agrees with the usage of his data stated in theBuying/Selling Lead in the correspondence with the aim. He gives this agreement for the period of his registration or until he is not registered for the period of publication of his Buying Lead in the market. The given data are to be used by the entrepreneur only in correspondence with the aim of the service or they will be accessible only to registered users. By this the user confirms that all the data provided are true.


8. The period of duration of the registration and way to terminate the registration

The registration For Free is concluded for indefinite period of time.

Paid registration is concluded for definite period of time in correspondence with the contract.

It is possible to terminate the registration by:

  • The agreement between entrepreneur and the user.
  • Membership registration terminates by the expiration period for which it was done.
  • The entrepreneur is authorized to terminate the registration anytime due to violation of the Terms of Using the Services of ABC Market
  • The entrepreneur is authorized to terminate the registration if the user is more than 30 days late for the payment.
  • The entrepreneur is authorized to terminate the registration to user who is exploiting the service for sending massive unwanted e-mails (so called spam messages).
  • The entrepreneur is authorized to terminate the registration which was done for the purpose of commission criminal activity or any activity which is in the contrast with generally accepted ethical and moral rules of the society.
  • The user is authorized to terminate the registration anytime even without stating the reasons. In case of termination of the registration from the side of user without stating the reasons, the user does not have the claim to ask the price for the registration back, not even its rational part.


After the termination of the registration the entrepreneur reserves the right to keep the data about the businessman and ID/VAT number in the system for an indefinite period of time in case it was needed for the purposes of legitimate bodies.



9. Final provisions

The user commits to keep these terms since the moment of successful registration.

The entrepreneur reserves the right to change these Terms of Using the Services of ABC Market even without previous warning.