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ZOXÍ s.r.o. personální agentura

ZOXÍ s.r.o. personální agentura

Our Czech company ZOXÍ Ltd. operates as a recruitment agency. We focus on the area of ​​Brno and the Brno-country. We provide mediation workers in service shops, warehouses, production and cleaning services. We provide advice on a personnel manager and the labor market.

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Cleaning services - Brno

We provide staff for cleaning services. Our recruitment agency will do the recruitment for cleaning and other sectors. We provide certified staff with experience in the field.

Employment mediation - Brno

Employment mediation not only in Brno. Our recruitment agency provides job applicants who are interested to work mainly in services. We offer positions to bakeries, shops, warehouses, factories, cashiers and shop assistants, cleaning services.

Mediation services in trade - Brno

We provide staff for the company. We have many years of experience in human resources and recruitment services in the shop. We have successfully delivered the employee eg. Business chain Interspar, branch Brno - Cejl.

Providing workers in bakeries - Brno

We provide staff for operations bakeries. Our recruitment agency providing personnel to the bakery labor - manual workers bakeries, support staff and others. Our employees are providing screening and have field experience.

Providing workers in warehouses - Brno

We care about providing workers in warehouses. Thanks to the continuous recruitment firms are able to supply skilled workers for jobs warehouseman, handler, and other professions.

Providing workers in the manufacturing and shops - Brno

We supply personnel in production and trade. Carefully we select employees in manufacturing plants, retail chains and smaller businesses. We pay attention to the quality of the candidates chosen for your maximum satisfaction.

Providing shop assistants and cashiers - Brno

We provide personnel to the store. Proven clerk, clerk and treasurer - workers coffers deliver on the requirements of employers to their full satisfaction. We carry out regular tenders.

Hand manual labor - Brno

We provide staff on hand manual labor. We provide staff to companies according to their requirements. Using our employees for manual labor as well as for other positions, verification and work is their hobby.

The provision of replacement workers to companies - Brno

We take care of your employees who find themselves in an unexpected situation with a lack of staff. Whether it is a disease, a leave or unexpected termination of employment relationships in a short time we will provide staff to the required places.

Providing workers cleaning - Brno

We mediate employment for those interested in cleaning work. Cleaning companies provide motivated employees who enjoy their work and work honestly. Employees deliver quickly according to the requirements of companies.


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