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ZL Production s.r.o. Products & services

Social and musical events on a turnkey basis

We organize complete social and musical turnkey events from the technical, program and production view. We realize these events including convenient location, production, catering, marketing support and advertisment. [ more information ]

Organization of corporate meetings and events

We are engaged in the implementation of corporate and company events completely from the initial idea, scenario preparation, graphics, site selection, providing technology, catering services and much more according to your specific requirements. [ more information ]

Conferences and VIP service

We are specialists in VIP service, organization of conferences and events for important business partners or important customers. Again with a predominantly own realization. Our portfolio includes regular events for major companies and conferences. [ more information ]

Technical support

We have top quality technology from world leading producers, which we are able to use for conferences and music events for thousands of people. We also own the biggest Czech concert roofing, various podiums, video, sound Adamson, lights Robe. [ more information ]

Sales promotion, presentation of brands

We focus on sales promotion and presentation of brands to increase awareness and effective communication with the public. During sales promotion and presentation of brands we always try to find original and innovative methods of communication. [ more information ]

Sound and sound design events

We specialize in professional sound design and sound systems for social, cultural, corporate and music events. While providing sound we are using high quality technology from Canadian renowned producer Adamson Systems Engineering. [ more information ]

Roofing of outdoor events

We provide roofing of outdoor events using systems with a strong construction. We are able to cover smaller outdoor events, as well as larger events thanks to the HEAVY-DUTY & SUPER-BEAM trussing equipment. [ more information ]

Professional lighting for events

We are dedicated to providing professional lighting for events such as concerts, festivals, events, halls, TV listings, broadcasts and much more. We have modern technology that always guarantees the best lighting results. [ more information ]

Preparation and realization of annual celebrations

We focus on preparation and realization of annual celebrations of important days or employee meetings. We provide complete production, catering, accommodation and entertaining program. We organize parties and events completely according to you.

Employee party

We can provide various employee parties, both smaller and bigger. Employee party can be in a form of a party, sport adventures, cultural shows, golf turnaments, music events and much more according to your requirements.

Check-in for concerts and festivals

We offer complete clearance for concerts and festivals in the range according to your requirements. Check-in includes location, technical and social facilities, production, marketing, catering, stage management, direction, scenarios, etc.

TV recordings and broadcasts

Production-wise, we are also able to ensure a smooth running of TV recordings and broadcasts. We offer complete sound system, lighting and television recordings. During our existence we have gained experience with smaller and larger hall events.

Internal conferences

If you are planning an internal conference for your company, our agency offers complete security from A to Z. Company will arrange a conference, including accommodation, conference facilities, catering, coffee breaks and accompanying program.

Road Show, a traveling promotion

We also deal with implementation of the road show touring and promotion. We have had successful cooperation with many major brand names and companies. For road shows and touring events we provide complete organizational, production and technology.

Activation of sponsorship

Also we realize sponsorship activation for music, sports and other social events. Sponsorship activation can be arranged for production, personnel and technical aspects.