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ZL Production s.r.o. Selling Leads

Corporate events

We are aware of the importance of any company activities, whether it is important business event associated with business partners, clients, customers or employees. Corporate events of transnational significance or corporate events consolidating internal relationships are just as important to us as for you. And we are ready to incorporate all the expertise, years of experience and the best technical and personnel security into their preparation. We will make your corporate events a success!

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Conferences, shows, TV shows

On a professional level, we organize conferences, shows and TV shows. We are able to manage any topic of public and professional conferences, shows and TV shows and ensure their progress from the production and technical solution to the perfect guest service, accommodation and other special services according to the client's requirements. Take a look at our references and contact us, and we will be glad to provide you with more information about our services.

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Social events and special requirements

We implement social events that go beyond standard production and require special and often demanding technical and organizational requirements. We have been devoting ourselves to the production of social events for many years and according to many positive references from our clients, we can successfully say that we are able to fully ensure the smooth running of even the most demanding social events requiring not only certain technical level but also creative solutions .

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Turnkey social and cultural events

We provide production, technical and marketing, social and cultural events of any scale. We will guarantee your event a smooth course in all directions, we will put not only years of experience, perfect full service, but also originality and the ability to realize it. Social and cultural events that are key to our production will become unforgettable not only by our customers, but also by your visitors. Contact us, we are very happy to introduce our services in detail.

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Sales promotion, labels presentation

We create successful projects, sales promotions and brand presentations. We create a perfect advertising concept, enter with original ideas, functional technical and organizational solutions that we can transform into a perfect original and powerful reality. From concepts and visions, sales promotion, brand presentations, etc., under the baton of our professionals, become original complete stories that have the potential, sense and will become memorable.

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