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ZL Production s.r.o. Company Profile

We are a production, event and booking agency equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an experienced production team. We provide complete social, cultural , corporate , commercial and private events from preparation, site selection, scenario creation, production, flooring, lighting and sound, video projection, catering, social facilities, lodging, accompanying program to marketing campaigns and Follow-up evaluations and reporting. All this with minimal dependence on outsourcing and a wide range of subcontractors, over the most important parts of the project, we have the maximum control and the ability to directly influence the final quality and level.

Over the course of our existence, we have accumulated invaluable experience in the implementation of smaller events, as well as important VIP events and great concerts throughout Czech Republic. Most of our clients have been cooperating with us for a long time and to this day. We will be glad to welcome you among them and we will be able to convince you of our uniqueness and of our quality service.

Our main activities include the preparation and implementation of corporate events and company events . We provide classic corporate parties, important conferences, but also monstrous employee parties, annual celebrations or special VIP service for important business partners or customers.

We organize concerts , festivals and various musical events literally from A to Z. We will find and arrange a suitable location, we will organize the event, arrange a complete program, large capacity tents, technical and production facilities, catering, picture recording and sound and lighting at the top level.

We also provide tour management services. We have many successful productions with leading Czech and foreign artists.

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ZL Production s.r.o.


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