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Zámečnictví TOČIMON s.r.o.

Products & services

Laser burning Prague
We provide laser burning with modern machinery. Laser burning is done with maximum accuracy for different types of materials.

Locksmith production Prague
We offer locksmith services of steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum. The locksmithing company offers you the design and manufacture of various locksmiths products and metalwork including transport and installation on site.

Glass constructions - production and assembly
We deal with realization of glass constructions in residential and non-residential interiors. We produce glass constructions in various designs - all-glass partitions and walls, glass doors, all-glass railings, etc.

Custom manufacture of doors and gates in Prague
We focus on the manufacture of doors and gates of all sorts. We supply sectional garage doors, side sectional doors, folding doors, rolling garage doors, rails, self-supporting gates, wing gates and much more.

Production of fences and fence fillings
We are engaged in the production of fences and fence fillings in varied variations and materials. We are able to realize both brick and wire fences as well as industrial fencing.

Handrail on request Prague
We produce handrails to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of modern design. Custom handrails are made using different materials of your choice. We supply steel, stainless and glass railings.

Steel and aluminum structures Prague
We design and manufacture steel and aluminum structures according to your specifications. For the production of steel and aluminum structures we are equipped with modern machinery - welding semiautomats MIG/MAG/TIG, belt saw and lathe SN20.

Outdoor and interior stairs Prague
We provide outdoor and indoor stairs including the required surface treatment. Outdoor and interior stairs are made of various materials and combinations of materials - wood, steel, glass.

Production of metal and stainless furniture Prague
We are engaged in the production of metal and stainless furniture for both indoors and outdoors. Production of metal and stainless furniture is completely tailored to your requirements. Furniture is also produced in combination with wood.

Brick fences Prague
We realize brick fencing for gardens and other non-residential buildings. Marble fences are not only a traditional aesthetic look, they are also durable and maintenance-free due to their solid material.

Earthwork and excavation work Prague
We specialize in the execution of all earthworks and excavation works using modern building machinery. We offer excavations of foundations, foundation strips, utilities, garden ponds and also landscaping, encompassing work, etc.

Wooden pergolas and car stands Prague
We design and manufacture wooden pergolas and car stands according to your requirements. Wooden pergolas will protect you in the summer months from the sun and also extend the summer season.

Complex maintenance of buildings Prague
We focus on complex maintenance of buildings including all service activities. Complex maintenance of buildings provides regular property inspections, maintenance and repairs, cleaning, gardening and landscaping, planning of revisions and more.

Complex administration of buildings Prague
We provide complex building administration from the administrational and tech. view. We offer services of hous documentation, contracts evidencing, regular site cleaning, technological equipment maintanance, house documentation actualisation, etc.

Delivery of turnkey projects Prague
We specialize in the supply of turnkey constructions from A to Z. We deliver turnkey construction including various concrete, masonry, carpentry, roofing and plumbing works.

Automatic barriers Prague
We offer delivery and installation of automatic barriers for entry control. We make automatic barriers in different designs for use in residential buildings, but also commercial and industrial buildings.

Interlocking paving and grass paving Prague
We provide interlocking pavement and grass paving for various objects. We locate pavement for the construction of pavements, courtyards, garage entrances, traffic roads, production areas, etc.

Demolition work Prague
We specialize in demolition work, including the removal of building rubble and waste. We carry out demolition work by hand and machine cutting as required.

Production of steel staircases
We are engaged in the production of steel staircases to the interior and exterior. We produce steel staircases, straight, spiral and spindle.

Surface treatment of metal products
We perform surface treatment of metal products according to the customer's request. We provide powder painting, hot-dip galvanizing, galvanic coating, brush painting or spray gun in the surface treatment of metalworking.

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