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Zámečnictví TOČIMON s.r.o.

Company Profile

Točimon locksmith has a long tradition in locksmithing and building locksmithery. We provide laser burning of materials completely customized according to your wishes. We offer production of various locksmith's , metalworking and metal structures . For all locksmithing applications, we also provide surface treatment according to the customer's wishes.

In our assortment you will find:

  • Gates - sectional garage doors, side sectional doors, folding doors, rolling garage doors, gates with rails, self-supporting gates, wing gates, telescopic self-supporting gates, rolling gates, double gates, garbage gates and automatic barriers.
  • Fences and fence fillings - fences, wire fences, industrial fencing.
  • Railings - steel railings, stainless handrails, glass railings.
  • Metal structures - steel constructions, aluminum structures.
  • Interior and exterior stairs - steel staircases, staircase stainless/wood, glass staircase.
  • Glass structures - all- glass partitions and walls, glass doors, glass railings.
  • Manufacture of furniture - steel furniture, stainless furniture, wooden furniture.
  • Earthwork and excavation work - excavations of foundations, foundation strips, utility nets, ponds, swimming pools, landscaping, digging and engraving.
  • Demolition - hand and machine cutting, removal of building rubble, demolition.
  • Interlocking pavement - pavements, courtyards, garage entrances, traffic roads, production facilities.
  • Maintenance and administration of buildings - real estate inspections, installation and maintenance of technical equipment, service activities, repairs and reconstructions, cleaning and gardening work, maintenance of operational documentation, updating of project documentation, records of contracts, regular inspections and technical inspections, Ecological disposal of waste.

For complete information on our services, visit our website.

Business Activity Specification

  • Business Service
  • Manufacturer


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