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Products & services

Cleaning services Hostivice, Prague - West
We provide cleaning services during construction work, masonry work, painting of rooms, offices, etc. We provide cleaning services in the whole city of Prague, especially in Prague-West in Hostivice.

Construction and masonry work Hostivice
We carry out construction and masonry work for civil and commercial construction. In the framework of construction and masonry work we offer complete building modifications, plasterboard, tiling and paving, painting rooms, houses or offices.

Plasterboard work Hostivice, Prague-West
We provide plasterboard work, assembly of plasterboard constructions and plasterboard ceilings. In plasterboard works, we specialize in plasterboard partitions, ceilings, interior fittings, changes in interior layouts, etc.

Painting Hostivice, Prague-West
Perform painting work of apartments, houses and offices. We provide painting work including complete cleaning work.

Laying of tiles Hostivice, Prague-West
We are dedicated to laying tiles both interior and exterior. The laying of tiles is complete, including construction and cleaning work.

Construction work for apartments and houses
We focus on customized construction of apartments and houses. We provide construction works for flats and houses, all finishing and cleaning works.

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