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VISBETO, s.r.o.

We supply vibration technology, filling cars and other equipment for the construction industry. We are the direct manufacturer and supplier. In addition, we offer our customers custom manufacturing in the fields of metalworking and welding.

Products & services

Machines for the construction industry

We manufacture machinery for the construction industry. Our customers are mainly construction companies that use a mixer with forced circulation, vibration technology, screw pumps, machines for spraying concrete and mortar, and other products.

Filling cars - production Pribram

We produce filling cars especially for the foundry industry. Filling cars are available in several designs, with transverse or longitudinal travel - detailed specification can be found on our website.

Screw pumps - Pribram

We provide production of screw pumps. Our product range includes minipump (small universal screw pumps) and screw pumps with a mixer of several types - with fan without fan. The pumps are infinitely adjustable power.

Machines for spraying concrete and mortar

To building supply machines for spraying concrete and mortar own production. Currently we offer 4 types - SSB NOVA MINI, MINI VARIO SSB, SSB STANDARD NOVA, SSB STANDARD VARIO. For detailed information, visit our website.

Forced action mixers - Pribram

Supply and manufacture mixers with forced circulation. Forced action mixers of our production is intended for mixing dry, earth-moist and wet mixtures. You can choose from six currently produced types of mixers.


VISBETO, s.r.o.
Poštovní 6, 261 01 Příbram V - Zdaboř
Czech Republic