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VIEGA s.r.o.

Basic Introduction

We are engaged in the production of installation technology, heating systems and the technology of pressing of joints. We supply drainage technology, gas systems, heating systems, potable water solutions, pre-wall technology, backflow caps, air flow monitors, gas sockets, electric flushing, security press systems, etc.

Products & services

Production of drainage techniques
We are engaged in the production of drainage technology. The drainage technologies offers bathtubs, sinks, WCs, urinals, backflow caps, drains, grills and shower trays.

Gas installation systems
We supply and manufacture complete gas installation systems. We offer gas installation systems for reconstructions and new buildings - you can find a specific offer on our website.

Production of heating systems
We are engaged in the production and sale of heating systems. We offer heating systems as complete assemblies or as individual components.

Drinking water solutions
We specialize in supplying solutions for drinking water. Drinking water solutions - piping systems, optimized Easytop sampling valve or flushing systems.

Pre-wall technology
We produce high-quality front technology. Pre-wall technology offers many products for bathroom design layouts with very easy installations.

Backflow caps
We offer quality backflow caps. The backflow caps can automatically close the drain or main line when the channel is overloaded, supplied as a single or collective fuse.

Gas flow monitor
We are engaged in the production of gas flow monitors. Gas flow monitors are required in new installations or in substantially changed existing installations.

Gas sockets
We produce gas sockets. Gas sockets are used for easy connection or disconnection of gas appliances that are not permanently installed.

Pre-wall installations
We specialize in pre-wall installations. Pre-wall installations will make it easy to place your bathtub, sinks and other equipment exactly as you like.

Safety press systems
We are engaged in the sales and manufacture of security press systems. We offer security pressing systems for gas and water supply.

Selling Leads

Wall heating Viega

Wall heating Viega

Viega Fonterra Side 12 and Viega Fonterra Side Clip 12 are wall heating systems. Higher heating performance compared to underfloor heating. Side 12 - simple assembly, no additional scraping work ...

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Gas systems Viega

Gas systems Viega

We produce perfectly sophisticated Viega gas systems not only for new buildings but also for renovations. In addition to the classic Viega gas installation components, we also offer special features ...

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Bath siphon Viega Multiplex M9 / MT9

Bath siphon Viega Multiplex M9 / MT9

Vanity drain with the ability to raise the water level by 5 cm.

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