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VAPOS spol. s r.o. Selling Leads

Cooperation in installation of tow hitch

A call to all garages and service stations! We are offering you to cooperate with a major car part and component manufacturer. We have just launched in the market our novelty, the VAPOS RETRACTABLE TOWING HITCH BALL. This is a product with price that saves 50% of price and 30% of weight compared to competing offers while being highly stylish and suitable for a broad range of vehicles. We are looking for partners to deliver the easy installation of this system. Looking to hear from you!

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Custom Car Part Production

We offer our production of custom car parts. We are a family business with a long tradition and we are able to make car parts also of non-standard types. We will provide their development and production to fit your needs and the drawings. We use our own machining equipment that allows us to present you with high-quality products with long service life. Use our contact information to learn more details and obtain a preliminary price estimate.

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Retractable Towing Hitch Ball for Škoda

We offer retractable towing hitch ball for Škoda Rapid Spaceback. It is the 2015 INNOVATION OF THE YEAR, made in the Czech Republic. Our long-term development program has permitted us to halve the price and reduce weight by 30% against the contemporary offer of the market, making the technology accessible to a wider range of customers. The device has a stylish look and handles very easily. Contact us for details!

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Retractable Towing Hitch Ball for Hyunda

We offer the retractable tow hitch ball for Hyundai i40 and ix35 vehicles. It is the 2015 INNOVATION OF THE YEAR and a successful competitor to the current offer in the market. The leading benefits are one half of the price and lower weight. The device has a stylish look in the car and handles very easily. Feel free to call us for details!

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Retractable Towing Hitch Ball for Seat L

We are presenting you a retractable towing hitch ball, a total novelty in the range of accessories for your Seat Leon. Until now, it has been available mostly for premium cars. Now, we are approaching you with a Czech solution of the issue that comes with a lower weight and half the price of competing models. The device deploys within 2 seconds and adds style to the looks of your car. We are happy to answer your calls! Consult us for installation at other vehicle types.

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