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VAPOS spol. s r.o. Company Profile

We manufacture and sell towing hitch equipment for cars. Our current novelty is the RETRACTABLE TOWING HITCH BALL the development of which took several years. The system was patented in 2014, certified, and series production subsequently started. We successfully launched it in the market on 16 May, 2015. It is an exceptional product that is comparable to the price of removable systems, has a stylish look and handles easily – deployment of the towing hitch ball in the open position takes a mere 2 seconds. It is suitable for a wide range of newer models of various makes. In comparison to our competition, we have managed to reduce weight by 30% and the price by one half! The number of fitting stations is growing constantly.

We also produce and sell fixed towing systems for Škoda cars made after 2012.

We develop and produce wood processing machines to our own design and CNC machining equipment for production of automotive parts. Our primary customer is TRW Automotive Czech s.r.o.; our end customers are car manufacturers Škoda Auto, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Renault and Peugeot.

Our products include over 20 types of milling tools, the PHC machining centre for precision machining of machinery parts in various professions.

We operate our own development centre in which we design production technology for custom production of machinery parts. We also have a production hall at Nová Paka. We are a regular participant in machinery trade fairs, we have won several awards.

Principal Operations of the Company:

  • o production and sale of retractable towing hitch balls – 2015 novelty of the year!
  • o Production and sale of towing hitch equipment
  • o Production and sale of CNC machines
  • o Custom production of precision machinery parts
  • o Metalworking and machining of light metals
  • o Custom car part production

The materials, processes and modern production technology, including robot centres, mean that every product you purchase is a high-quality item with long life expectancy. Of course we offer warranty and post-warranty services to our products, including the technologies.

VAPOS spol. s r.o.


Business Activity Specification

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Business Service
  • Manufacturer

Foreign Trade

  • Export