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We provide sales of Asian food, Chinese and Japanese teas and tea ceramics. We import Chinese and Japanese teas of high quality, tea ceramics and accessories, Asian specialities, food, ginger candy, noodles, mushrooms, rice and much more. More information can be found on our website.

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Sale of Asian food

We are selling Asian food. We offer wide assortment of healthy food, such as mushrooms, pickled vegetables, cereals, legumes, rice, noodles, coconut oil, soy sauce, tofu, quinoa, plant seeds etc. [ more information ]

Sales of Chinese and Japanese teas

We offer sales of Chinese and Japanese teas. We provide the sale of a wide range of Chinese and Japanese tea of ​​first class quality. [ more information ]

Tea accessories and tea ceramics

We provide sales of Chinese and Japanese tea ceramics and accessories. Chinese and Japanese tea ceramics and accessories - over 35 kinds of yixing jugs, over 40 kinds of fragrant sticks, costume jewelery, oriental suits and accessories.

Stainless steel rice-cookers

We provide high-quality stainless steel rice-cookers. Stainless steel rice-cookers cook rice precisely and keep it warm. [ more information ]

Asian specialties

We import Asian specialties for the preparation of traditional Asian cuisines. Asian specialties - sushi, noodles, mushrooms, rice, pastes, sauces, coating mixtures, cereals, legumes, algae, tofu, medicinal plants, snacks and much more. [ more information ]

Import and sale of ginger candy

We specialize in selling and importing ginger candy. Import and sale of ginger candy - we offer a wide assortment with many flavors in different packages.


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Quality rice-cookers

We provide quality rice-cookers for the perfect rice preparation. The rice-cookers are made in Germany according to Thai format and we provide 2 years guaranty. Thanks to the special mode ...
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First class strewn teas

We provide first class strewn teas at affordable prices. We offer strewn teas Chinese, Japanese, Darjeeling, Nepalese and Vietnamese aimed to the seasonal harvest. Choose from the comfort of your ...
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Asian cuisine mushrooms

We provide import and sales of dried mushrooms for Asian cuisine preparation. We have available shitake mushrooms, black mushrooms, silver mushrooms also in a dried form, shitake mushrooms also pickled.
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