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THERMONA spol. s r.o.

Basic Introduction

The company THERMONA is a traditional Czech boiler manufacturer operating on the heat technology market since 1990. The product portfolio consists of ecological gas boilers, condensing boilers, electric boilers, cascade boiler rooms, hot water storage tanks and elements of boiler room control systems. The delivery of spare parts, smoke extraction and control technology is a matter of course.

Products & services

Gas condensing boilers
Condensing boilers bring technological and economic savings. Thanks to the condensation principle, ie the ability to use hidden flue gas heat, these boilers achieve efficiencies of up to 108%. All this with a minimum content of CO and NOx pollutants.

Electric boilers
Electric boilers will be appreciated by owners of all buildings without the possibility of connection to natural gas distribution network. The electric boiler works in system in the same way as a gas boiler and you can also heat DHW in external tank.

Gas atmospheric boilers
The range of THERM boilers also includes classic atmospheric boilers, which, however, can be legislatively installed only as a replacement for a retired boiler in buildings with a common flue gas extraction of several residential units.

Domestic gas and electric boiler rooms
Cascade boiler rooms will save tens of percent of costs when modernizing an existing already inefficient boiler room or when decentralizing it. Return on such an investment can only be a few years. It is about connecting more boilers into one unit.

Boiler and DHW tank sets
Boiler and external storage sets are becoming more and more popular. The set is designed for family houses or larger apartments, where the emphasis is on maximum savings, high environmental friendliness and high comfort of domestic hot water supply.

Technologies and components for boiler rooms
We are supplier of complete technology for domestic boiler rooms. We develop and constantly improve our equipment. The range consists of cascade controllers, hydraulic manifolds, flue gas ducts, branch manifolds and heating water treatment equipment.

Complete supply of accessories
We are not only a manufacturer of heat sources, but also a supplier of a complete flue gas system, filters and flue gas separators, thermostats and smart regulators, domestic hot water tanks and chemicals for heating systems.

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