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Studio AMMI s.r.o. Company Profile

We run a well-established floral studio in modern style in the Brno-Lesná part. We offer professional floral services and a wide range of cut and potted flowers. We will make you order or a unique flower tie for all occasions on wait. We are creative and we keep track of the current trends in the industry. We take care of personal approach to every customer.

We deliver fresh flowers, floral decorations and other decoration to corporate premises, hotels, restaurants, boutiques and other areas. We are sought after by florists for the decoration of historical and memorable spaces.

Another of our services is wedding floral service, which we provide to order exactly according to wedding guests. We deliver all the flowers and floral decoration for your special day, including flower decorations for vehicles or ceremonial decorations. Of course there is color matching with the bride and the overall character of the wedding.

We offer you:

  • floral arrangements and decorations
  • floral decoration of interiors and exteriors
  • modern binding of flowers
  • cut and potted flowers
  • seasonal decoration - spring, summer, autumn, winter, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's day etc.
  • wedding floral service
  • floral jewelery
  • flowers to companies
  • flowers to restaurants, hotels, guest houses, boutiques, shops, exhibitions and social spaces
  • floral decorations for major social events

Also check out our website for more information and find many photos with examples of our work. We are looking forward to your visit!

Studio AMMI s.r.o.


Business Activity Specification

  • Business Service
  • Manufacturer