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Studio AMMI s.r.o.

Studio AMMI s.r.o.

We are arranging flowers, decorating interiors and exteriors not only during ceremonial occasions, modern and creative bonding of flowers and providing wedding floral service. We offer a wide range of seasonal decorations and we create floral arrangements according to customers' wishes, which we also supply to companies and social spaces.

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Arrangement of flowers Brno

We are dedicated to arranging flowers using rich floristic experience. We arrange all kinds of flowers and other living plants and decorations, depending on the type of interior, season, holidays, weddings, celebrations, cultural events, etc. [ more information ]

Flower decoration of interiors Brno

We provide flower decorations. According to customers needs we will decorate restaurants, hotels, halls, butiques and other indoor spaces with fresh flowers, making sure that they corespondent with the interior and event. [ more information ]

Professional florist services Brno

We provide top quality florist services. We will professionally transform your ideas about floral decoration, arrangement, decoration or binding of fresh flowers to reality. We have many years of experience and celebrate success in the field.

Modern binding of cut flowers Brno

We are dealing with modern binding of cut flowers. We bind rich bouquets of all sorts of cut flowers for all occasions, from small celebrations and flowers to joy, over weddings to fancy floral ties to social events. [ more information ]

Wedding floral service Brno

We specialize in custom wedding services. We will create a bouquet for the bride including avant-garde shapes, add corsage to the bridegroom, cushion for rings, flowers for the wedding guests, decoration for the car and the ceremonial room, etc. [ more information ]

Flower jewelery Brno

We create non-traditional jewelry from fresh flowers at customer's request. If you are looking for an original ornament for your hair or neck, you are at the right place. Our inspirational gallery can be found on our website. [ more information ]

Flower decoration of exteriors Brno

We provide the decoration of the exteriors with fresh flowers. We can add floral decorations for outdoor celebrations, weddings, but we also decorate monument courtyards. In the gallery you will find a sample of our work. [ more information ]

Modern floral decorations Brno

We supply floral decorations all year round. We follow fashion trends in floristry and we use our experience to create original and fresh decorations that will make any interior and exterior look great. [ more information ]

Original spring decorations and arrangements Brno

We are devoted to the creation of original spring decorations and arrangements of fresh flowers and accessories. A suitably chosen floral decoration refreshes any space and enlivens the atmosphere of the outgoing winter and the waking nature. [ more information ]

Unique autumn decoration from Flowers Brno

Autumn colors are ideal for creating autumn decorations from flowers, autumn fruits, leaves and wicker. We appreciate the autumn bouquets, we produce beautifully colored wreaths, we create a variety of arrangements and decorations on request. [ more information ]

Christmas and advent decorations Brno

We sell Christmas and advent decorations. We make Christmas decorations to decorate a holiday table, advent wreaths and candlesticks, deliver original decorations for the interiors and exteriors of hotels, restaurants and other social spaces. [ more information ]

Flowers for companies Brno

We provide delivery of fresh flowers to companies. We deliver fresh bound flowers, potted flowers, original floral decorations and arrangements according to the customer's needs. We set up corporate offices, receptions, meeting rooms and offices. [ more information ]

Funeral, soul-binding and decoration Brno

We create funeral ties from live flowers - mourning wreaths, mourning bouquets into stands and bedding, including matching ribbons with custom-made prints. We also offer nice soul decorations to the tombs in the form of floral crosses and wreaths.

Flowers for all occasions Brno

We offer a wide assortment of fresh flowers in a modern floral boutique in Brno. In our assortment you will find seasonal potted flowers and beautiful cut flowers of many kinds, which we will gladly treat you in bouquets according to your wishes.


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Autumnal interior decorations Brno

Autumnal colors, enjoy colors in your interior. We will create autumn and other decorations for your home, hotel, guesthouse, restaurant or business spaces. Colors will enchant a pleasant atmosphere that ...
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Funeral flowers binding and decorations

We make mourning decorations - pruned wreaths and tied bouquets for laying on the grave, ensuring mourning decoration of the interior, decoration on the table. Sensitive approach to the customer, ...
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Flower jewelery and fashion accessories

We create beautiful floral accessories, which will refresh your event, wedding, celebration, show, exhibition. We also make jewelery, purses, head-bands, staples and boas for women. For men bows, corsages and ...
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