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Specta, s.r.o.

Company Profile

Specta, s.r.o.

We provide translations for 40 languages in combination with Slovak, Czech, English, German, French and Spanish.

Our work complies with the EN 15038 European Standard for Translation Services.

We have focused on translation and interpreting services for 10 years. During this time we have built up a broad database of verified professional translators for various specializations in more than 40 languages and their combinations.

This allows us to handle any kind of text. We're equally comfortable translating a contract or financial statements as we are materials for your product, a manual for an imported piece of machinery or texts from a variety of specializations.

We specialize in technical translations for industry and manufacturing and a sample of such types of technical documents is provided below:

  • user manuals,
  • maintenance manuals,
  • catalogues,
  • product cards and descriptions,
  • training documentation,
  • project documentation,
  • car manuals,
  • specifications for vehicles and machinery
  • marketing documentation,
  • software, hardware (specifications, user manuals),
  • personal electronics.

Graphical processing of documents and printing

We are happy to take on the translation of your product catalogues or user manuals. We're not deterred even if you only have a physical copy of a catalogue and no electronic version. Our translators specialized in various technical areas will handle the translation and our graphic designers and DTP staff will ensure the layout, drawings and graphs will look better in the translated document than in the original document. We can also secure the physical printing of the entire catalogue as well.

Problem-free technical translations

We apply modern and sophisticated software known collectively as CAT (computer aided translation) tools during translation and these currently represent one of the most important set of tools used to ensure translation quality. These programs are in no way any form of automated translation.

The translator uses the software to actively translate the text, while the software remembers the translated text, applies it to repeated phrases and creates a translation memory. The creation of this memory provides the ability to preserve the consistency of the text throughout the entire document if a large document is involved or across multiple documents that are related to the same topic.

Another benefit offered by CAT tools is the direct ability to interact with various non-standard file formats, which saves time during translation and, most importantly, delivers cost savings. The client receives a significant discount for previously translated text that matches the translation memory and only pays a fraction of the standard unit price.

Delivery deadlines

Do you have a pressing deadline and need your translation tomorrow or even today? We'll deliver your translation whenever you need it and always by the agreed deadline.  Thanks to our well-constructed database of translators we translate texts from a broad spectrum of specializations between more than 40 languages and without restrictions in terms of delivery deadlines. 

It is as easy as putting together a team of experienced, professional translators and we can meet very short deadlines without sacrificing any of the quality of the translation.

Sworn translations

We also provide sworn translations for official purposes, i.e. translations marked with the round stamp of officially sworn translators, for the full range of all 40 languages we cover.

Interpreting Services

Lacking the confidence to communicate with your business partners in a foreign language? Meetings with foreign partners become much easier with one of our interpreters. Our interpreters can be by your side anywhere you need them, including at business meetings or presentations or when training employees on-site in a production facility or when bringing new lines and equipment on-line. Our qualified interpreters are able to handle any situation and the most demanding of subjects.

If you would like to organize a lecture or conference we are also able to provide full simultaneous interpreting services including the delivery of interpreting equipment.

Business Activity Specification

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