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Basic Introduction

We are engaged in the retail and wholesale sale of fabrics, textiles and textile haberdashery. In our assortment you can find a variety of textile materials in one color, glossy and matt, printed and decorated design. We deliver the required quantity according to your order. We offer unbeatable prices and fast delivery times. You can find the current offer on our website.

Products & services

Sales of fabrics and trays
Our company specializes not in the sale of fabrics. The assortment offers a wide variety of fabrics, including dresses, shirts, knits, organza, chiffon, nylon, velvet, viscose, knitwear, tulle, etc.

We are selling swimsuits in various colors and prints. We sell glossy and matt swimsuits, printed swimsuits, denim swimsuits etc. We offer unbeatable prices.

Knitting stocks
In our offer you can also find various designs of knitted fabrics. We provide knitwear with lurex, metallic effect or printed. Modern, traditional and simple designs are available.

Viscose stocks
We deliver first class viscose in a variety of color and design designs. The viscose is especially suitable for blouses, skirts, skirts, jerseys, jerseys, night shirts, etc. In our offer is a plenty of quantity you can choose from.

Nylon footage
We are engaged in the sale of nylon gauze in glossy and matt design or nylon with glitter. A full range of nylon trays can be found on our website.

We focus on the sale of chiffon for the production of social clothing, dance and theater costumes, etc. You can find chiffon in one color or printed.

We provide the delivery of tracksuits, either in one color or with print. The tracksuit is a pleasant and comfortable material, which finds its use especially in the production of leisure clothing and sport.

Textile haberdashery
We also supply the range of textile haberdashery. We offer lace laces, borts, tapes, crinolines, fringes, feathers, plastic buckles and various textile applications. A full range of haberdashery can be found on our website.

We provide delivery and sale of elastic shirts in various designs. Shirts are made of a very pleasant material and is particularly suitable for sewing shirts, blouses, skirts or dresses.

Organza footage
We supply the organza footwear for the production of clothing, home textiles and textile decorations. We offer Organza in various color designs including printed and ornate organza.

Selling Leads

Organza in measurement

Organza in measurement

We provide wholesale and retail sale of organza in various colors. Organza is a very popular substance in the production of various textile decorations, dance and theater costumes, social clothing, ...

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Knit with hair

Knit with hair

We supply knitwear in different colors. The knitted fabric perfectly isolates and is very comfortable to wear. Most commonly used for sewing sweatshirts, coats, warm and children's sets, bathrobes, pants, ...

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Modal crinoline

Modal crinoline

We provide modric krinolines for the production of fascinátorů, social hats or reinforcement of clothes and petticoats under the clothes. The modish crinoline is very flexible, holds its shape and ...

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