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Basic Introduction

We deal with processing and recycling of plastic waste, production of quality plastic semifinished products and final products. We offer grass paving, composters, plastic rubble, agglomerates, regranulates and sacks. We specialize in reinforcing surfaces.

Products & services

Plastic rubble
We supply plastic rubble in different sizes and colors. Plastic rubble is formed by crushing and grinding solid forms of plastic waste.

Composters for biowaste
We offer composts for biowaste from the kitchen and the garden. Bio-waste composters are made of 100% recycled material that is maintenance-free and highly resistant to mechanical damage.

Reinforcement of green areas
We are dedicated to the consolidation of green areas while maintaining the natural water cycle. The green areas are designed and executed exactly according to the needs of the surfaces.

Grassing pavement
We focus on grassing pavement to strengthen grasslands and preserve nature. Grass paving is very easy to install and is highly resistant to weathering.

Ecological recycling of plastics
We provide environmentally-friendly recycling of plastics and we also use recycled material for the production of other plastic products. Ecological recycling of plastics is ensured thanks to state-of-the-art eco-friendly technology.

Plastic regranulates
We specialize in plastic regranulates, which are also used for the production of plastic products. We offer plastic regranulates in various colors: clear, black or colored plastic regranulates.

Plastic agglomerates
We supply plastic agglomerates in different color variations. Plastic agglomerates are manufactured using modern technology that can process polyethylene and polypropylene products.

Manufacture and sale of plastic bags
We focus on the production and sale of plastic bags from recycled materials. Recycled plastic bags are delivered to households or to municipalities and towns.

Collection of plastic waste
We ensure collection of plastic waste, sorting and subsequent processing on plastic pulp. Collection of plastic waste is provided by households, companies, municipalities and towns.

Manufacture of plastic semiproducts
We devote ourselves to the production of plastic blanks with modern, environmentally friendly technology. In the framework of the production of plastic semifinished products we provide plastic pulp, plastic agglomerates, plastic regranulates, etc.

Selling Leads

Ecological hill consolidation

Ecological hill consolidation

Do you have a problem with the boring terrain? Then believe that we have an ecological and economic solution to your problem. The solution of surface hardening is the use ...

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Ecological recycling of plastics

Ecological recycling of plastics

We deal with environmentally-friendly recycling of plastic waste. We have a lot of experience with products from organic recycling, and our customers appreciate their high utility value. Organic plastic recycling ...

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Regranulates PURUPLAST

Regranulates PURUPLAST

We focus on the processing of plastic waste in the form of PURUPLAST regranulates. PURUPLAST regranulates are produced by processing on a special extruder - extruder. PURUPLAST regranulates are used ...

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