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PULS - PRAHA s.r.o.

Basic Introduction

We are a supplier of professional hairdressing needs. In our offer you will find hairdressing combs and brushes, hairdressing scissors, professional hairdressing furniture, hairdressing coats, depilation waxes, hairdressing trainings, sprays, brushes, hairpins, pins, curlers, pinnets, hairdressing stools and tables, plastic hairdressing sinks, hairdressing Razor and cutter.

Products & services

Professional hairdressing needs
We supply professional hairdressing supplies to various salons and training institutions. Professional hairdressing supplies - hairdressing training heads, briefcases, cases, sprays, brushes, hairpins, staples, curlers, pinnacles, papillos, etc.

Barber scissors
We offer hairdressing scissors for professional hair styling. Hairdressing scissors are available in a variety of designs - elastic hairdressing scissors, classic hairdressing scissors, hairdressing razor blades and cutters.

Hairdressing combs and brushes
We provide hair styling combs and brushes for professional hair treatment. With a range of hairdressing combs and brushes, you can choose from many kinds of round, flat, carbon brush brushes.

Depilation waxes
We provide depilation waxes or depilation papers. We offer depilation waxes with various flavors - chocolate, berries and aloe vera.

Professional furniture for hairdressing
We focus on supplying professional furniture to hairdressing schools. Professional furniture for hairdressing - hairdressing stools, hairdressing table, plastic hairdressing sink, hairdressing trucks and much more.

Hairdressing cases
We provide hairdressing cases. Hairdressing briefcases are available in a variety of colors with internal padding and a special top surface made of abrasion-resistant material.

Hairdressing coats
We supply hairdressing coats with Velcro closure. Hairdressing coats do not let water or paint. They provide perfect protection against pollution.

Hairdressing training heads
We are selling hairdressing training heads to hairdressing schools. We offer hairdressing training heads with different lengths of hair suitable not only for cutting, but also for coloring or permanent.

Combs for long hair
We provide combs for long hair for gentle hair combing. Long hair combs are made from a combination of natural bristles and artificial spikes.

Training for keratin
We offer training for keratin, including obtaining a certificate of training. Training for keratin is carried out throughout Czech Republic and each participant receives all the product material.

Selling Leads

Hair curlers, aprons and collars

Hair curlers, aprons and collars

We provide sales of hairdressing jackets, aprons and collars for hair cutting and dyeing. Hair curlers, aprons and collars are made of practical PVC materials that are waterproof. We offer ...

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Hairdressing trucks

Hairdressing trucks

We are supplying hairdressing trucks for professional hairdressing salons. Hairdressing trolleys are available in various designs with up to six compartments and a hair dryer. You can choose from several ...

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Hairdressing cases

Hairdressing cases

In our assortment you can also find the aluminum and black robust aluminum case in black. The hairdressing briefcases are equipped with a practical upper opening. The inside of the ...

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