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PREBALTO.CZ Products & services

Implementation of co-packing

We specialize in the implementation of co-packing. We pack the products into heat-shrinkable and non-shrink wrappers. Realizing co-packing we offer to companies that do not have their own means of packaging their products. [ more information ]

Packaging of products

According to the customer's requirements, we ensure product packaging. We offer a wide range of services for the maximum satisfaction of our customers, especially logistics and warehousing. We pack any products to companies and private individuals. [ more information ]

Manual assembly of products

We are also engaged in hand-assembling various products according to customer requirements. Our workshops are tailored for order completion. We complete everything from envelopes that contain various advertising messages to toys. [ more information ]


We pack groups of goods or individual pieces. We guarantee the speed of the work done. Packaging is provided for any goods according to the specific requirements of our customers. [ more information ]

Hand assembly of goods

Let the worry about handing the goods up to real professionals you can rely on. Leave it to us. We will complete your product or goods in the final product. These include toys, office supplies, and larger products. [ more information ]


Reach us to stick your products. We ensure that the products and their labels and graphic elements are sealed. Did the original label fail? Do you want to create a new graphic form of the product? Contact us and we will secure the overlay. [ more information ]

Printing labels

The correct label is sold. Rely on our professional work and contact us for printing labels. We believe that you will be pleased with the labels as well as the number of our customers who turn to us repeatadely. [ more information ]

Storage of goods

The offer of our company is also extended by the possibility of storage. We store your goods from 1 to 500 pallets. If you use our co-packing services, we offer you a cheaper storage option. Possibility to store in the short and long term. [ more information ]

Packaging in heat-shrinkable containers

Stop with us to pack products and goods into heat-shrinkable packaging that we realize in high quality. We treat each customer individually to meet all your requirements and we make sure that you are leaving us satisfied. [ more information ]

Packaging in PVC

Packaging products are also provided in PVC foils, which offer high strength, durability and a certain flexibility. Packaging food into PVC foils ensures their long-lasting freshness. Contact us and arrange to pack your PVC product. [ more information ]

Packaging foil

We focus on complete packing services and also wrap in foil. Do you need to wrap the toys or food in the foil well? You are right with us. We will take care of packaging any product in the film according to the customer's requirements. [ more information ]


We put products into packaging, envelopes and other cases. You can rely on us, our work is fast and precise. We will make it easy for you to work with the advantageous pricing conditions you will appreciate. Do not hesitate to contact us. [ more information ]


We will ensure bonding according to your requirements. We provide various methods of sticking labels, labels, and various graphic elements into products and products. Do you have the capacity to effectively stick? Contact us! [ more information ]


The offer of our company also includes the distribution of certain goods, which we provide for companies and private persons using courier or contractual transport. We deliver the products quickly, professionally, without the risk of damage. [ more information ]


We will also ship the products to your destination by sending them in Prague and around. Choose us and choose high-quality services to suit your needs. Check out the qualities of our services by yourself and contact us. [ more information ]