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We produce and assemble anti-draft blinds both firm or mobile, colored or transparent. Further we offer swinging gates, whose filling is made of softened PVC (in colored variation or with gridded filling). We assemble quick-closing gates. We provide transparent and non-transparent mobile walls made of flexible shatter-proof materials. We can blind any space - from small to big permeations.

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Transparent blinds - blinds for gates, doors

We produce lamella transparent damming made of soft PVC. Damming is made of lamella blinds of various types - standard or freezing, transparent or colored, firm or mobile. It protects against wind, cold, noice, and foam. [ more information ]

Roll curtains

We produce roll curtains made of soft PVC, 1mm thick with beech reinforcements. Roll curtains are used for side covering of pergolas, gazebos, terraces, summer terraces etc., thanks to which, in combination with indoors heating it has all year usage. [ more information ]

Swinging gates

We produce swinging gates with soft transparent PVC filling. Swinging gates are suitable against foam, they divide productions, they protect from heat leaking and they are easily manipulated. Undividable part of cooling and freezing boxes. [ more information ]

Quick-closing gate

We provide quick-closing gates. Quick-closing gates have vertical engine and can be used in all industry fields, especially there, where there is high number of opening and closing. These blinds have many advantages, learn more on our website. [ more information ]

Soft PVC

Soft PVC is used as a filling of lamella blinds and swinging gates. Soft PVC can be also used as a material for transparent plates on tables, anti-vibration plates, filling circles, advertisment etc. [ more information ]

Lamella curtains Portaflex

We produce lamella curtains Partoflex. We produce lamella curtains from soft PVC for different usage purposes, especially in industry. Concrete types and expo of our production can be found on our website. [ more information ]

Polycarbonate slabs

We produce polycarbonate slabs. Polycarbonate slabs can find its usage especially in constructioning and advertsiment, they are highly resistant to UV shining, unbrokable, light and they have other amazing advantages. We provide small and full types. [ more information ]

Plates made of foamed PVC

Foamed PVC can be used in the production of billboards, banners and construction systems. Plates of foamed PVC are suitable for foil graphics and screen printing and it is a basic material for both indoors and outdoors use. Many color variations. [ more information ]

Plastic foils

We produce plastic foils. In our offer you can find polyester foil A-PET (higher chemical resistanceú), PET-G (suitable for vacuum shaping and deep draught) and self-adhesive plotter foils. Our foils are very resistant and can be printed. [ more information ]

Plates for facades and balconies

We provide compact plates suitable for eg. facades and balconies. Plates are made of natural fibers belts and synthetic resin. Plates are firm and resistant to abrasion, damp, wet, water steam and chemicals. More information on our website. [ more information ]


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Plastic construction materials

We supply plastic construction materials for use in interior and exterior. In our product range are available polycarbonate, metal-laminates, corrugated sheets, acrylic, polyethylene and polypropylene sheets, rigid PVC, soft PVC, ...
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Quick-closing gate

We provide delivery and installation of quick-closing gates with polyester cloth filling. However, on your request we can make a full-transparent design. The use of quick-closing gates brings many benefits ...
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Swing gate

Swing gates are use wherever there is a need to ensure swift passage. Filling of the swing gates is comprised of softened PVC. It can be supplied in a transparent, ...
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