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PONTO GROUP s.r.o. Company Profile

PONTO GROUP, s.r.o. is a specialist in comprehensive debt management, management and recovery, and is the initiator and principal developer of a unique project in the Czech Republic's receivables market

and the project:

complex management of receivables of entrepreneurs and companies, and free administration and debt collection of entrepreneurs and companies

under the name

"Companies and Receivables".

The "Companies and Receivables" project was created under the leadership of PONTO GROUP, s.r.o. by an implementation team composed of: Law Office LISSE LEGAL - JUDr. Luďka Lisse, Ph.D. LL.M. MPA, JUDr. Vladimír Gelbič, Executor Office Prague 1 and Executor Office Prague 10.

The "Companies and Receivables" project is focused on the complex management of receivables of entrepreneurs and companies, on the management of corporate and corporate receivables portfolios, and not on the recovery of individual (individual) receivables of entrepreneurs, businesses and natural persons - non-entrepreneurs.

Typical clients are companies and businesses with regular monthly invoicing for a large number of customers of products, goods or services from companies or businesses, preferring complex solutions and long-term cooperation.



Business Activity Specification

  • Business Service