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We are a specialist in debt management and recovery. We provide services free of charge, comprehensively, professionally and efficiently. We will provide professional counseling, set up a debt management system, accelerate legal enforcement, and develop sample documentation. We also deal with lustration, credits and assignment of receivables. We look forward to working with you.

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Debt management and recovery

Our company specializes in comprehensive debt management and recovery. This is a unique project of our company, which boasts many advantages. Debt management and recovery is free of charge, complex, professional and effective.

Complete debt management

We are a real expert in the complete management of receivables, their management and enforcement. Our qualified staff has a wealth of experience in managing receivables that are widely used to maximize the satisfaction of our clients.

Free management of receivables

We offer free management of receivables from companies and municipalities where the cost of recovery is borne by the borrower. Free management of receivables includes system setup, prevention and retention, documentation and comprehensive recovery.

Project "Companies and Receivables"

The project of our company named "Companies and Receivables" deals with the solution of receivables within the company's management and deals with its complex solution. You can count on our company. See for yourself.

Professional consultancy of receivables

We provide professional advice in the field of receivables. You can turn to us for professional advice on the prevention of receivables, the management and management of receivables, securing receivables and obligations.

Set up a claim management system

We will set up a claim management system for you. We will analyze the existing contractual relationships between the company and third parties, create an analysis of current receivables and set up a complex system of receivables management.

Audit and preparation of sample documentation

We will focus on speeding up and improving the enforcement of receivables through legal audit and developing a sample contract documentation with a third party. We create and develop, update, new sample contractual documentation.

Lustration of companies and persons

We also deal with lustration of companies and individuals in the Central Register of Execution and other sources. Let us, professionals, review the data of companies and individuals in the Central Register of Enforcement.

Credit and assignment of receivables

You can also contact us for credits and assignment of receivables that we provide to our clients for other services. We treat each client individually and try to meet all of his or her suggestions.

Debt recovery solutions

Our project offers a comprehensive solution for debt recovery, a more efficient and efficient way of recovering debts by a court executor. We guarantee professionalism, compliance with all legal standards and speed of execution.


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Lustration of companies and people

We are engaged in lustration of companies and persons in the Central Register of executions, registers and other sources. Investigation and control of this type is important and significantly reduces ...
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Assignment of receivables

If you do not want to deal with debt recovery and wait for money, go ahead with your claim to our free debt management. We will do the whole process ...
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Executing executions

Execution of executions is another of the activities of debt management offered. Representatives of cooperating Executor offices who have many years of experience in this field are carrying out a ...
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