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P.P.H.U. KROLL Roman Kroll

Company Profile

P.P.H.U. KROLL Roman Kroll

Our company produces display cases and exhibition information. Our cabinets are manufactured from parts of Polish, Danish and German materials with quality certificates, which guarantees high quality and durability of our products.

We offer:

  • showcases for internal advertising
  • showcases advertising internal free-standing single-sided
  • showcases advertising internal standing bilateral
  • showcases for advertising outside
  • outdoor display cases standing sided
  • outdoor display cases standing bilateral
  • advertising stands
  • display cases for cups
  • banners
  • museum showcases
  • display cases for keys
  • standing showcases
  • hanging showcases
  • shopping carts
  • display cases for medals
  • display cases for models
  • Tables
  • Pylons

We invite you to cooperate with us!

Business Activity Specification

  • Manufacturer


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