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NWD Legal

NWD Legal

Advocate office with the aim on banking, finance, business, corporate and property law. We offer erudite legal services and legal advice to private and publicly traded companies. We build a long-term partnership relationship with our clients based on mutual trust. We adapt to your specific requirements.

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Advocate office Prague

Advocate office NWD Legal deals with banking, finance, business, corporate and property law. Our law office offers you the services of erudite legal advice and representation on a highly professional level. [ more information ]

Law services for banking, finance and markets

We provide law services for banking, finance and capital markets. Our law sevices are aimed to merger and solicitation of finantial institutions, bond issues, schares and IPO, syndicate loans, investment funds, risk capital investments, etc.

Services in the field of corporate law

We provide law services in the field of corporate law for both private and public companies. In the field of corporate law we offer comprehensive services - company establishment, corporate matter maintanence, joint-stock agreements and laws, etc.

Business company law - mergers, acquisitions

We specialize in corporate law. We provide acquisitions and divestments of shares, organizational items or assets, mergers of companies, LBO and MBO transactions and law audits - due diligence.

Merger control, competition law services

We perform professional merger control of mergers. We also offer services in the field of competition law and unfair competition. We provide professional representation in the proceedings in the context of the protection of competition.

Legal services in real estate

We provide real estate purchase and sale legal services, lease agreements for landlords and tenants, as well as building law, permitting procedures and easements. We offer legal advice on financing and development of real estate projects.

Telecommunication and media law

We also focus on telecommunication and media law. We deal with the issues of telecommunication and media law, regulation issues, financing of telecommunication projects, license management and much more.

Intellectual property law

We deal with the Intellectual Property Rights agenda, which includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, design rights, licenses, franchising, sponsorship, data protection, software law and E-commerce. We offer professional representation.

Representation in court and arbitration proceeding

We provide professional representation in court and arbitration proceedings. You will be well represented in business disputes, arbitration or conciliation.

Bankruptcy and settlement proceedings

Our law practice also includes bankruptcy law. We offer professional legal advice and representation in bankruptcy and settlement proceedings.

Advice and services in labor law

We provide comprehensive advice and services in employment and labor law. We focuse on occupational relations adjustments, law system validity, processing of employees rules and general law services in labor law of Czech legislation.

Complex asset of management and investment

We deal with comprehensive asset and investment management including client consulting. We will process contractual documentation, supervise asset management and invest in, and streamline asset yield and investment.

Creating and managing of trust funds

We specialize in trust funds - trusts. We deal with the foundation and management of trust funds, the creation of trust funds strategy and the settlement of trust funds.

Services in the field of administrative law

We provide professional services in the area of ​​administrative law. We offer legal assistance in dealing with situations related to public procurement or state support.

Establishment of business companies

We provide legal assistance in establishment of business companies, including the settlement of all legal and administrative facts. We will arrange the eastablishment of the company, maintanence of corporate matters and business companies liquidation


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Real estate law - legal services Prague

Our legal practice also focuses on real estate law and building law. We offer professional legal services in the field of real estate purchase and sale, rental contracts for landlords ...
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Telecommunications and media law Prague

We specialize in telecommunication and media law. We provide professional consulting and legal services in the field of regulation, construction and financing of telecommunication projects or licensing procedures. For more ...
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Legal advice for companies in Prague

Our advocate office deals with the provision of professional and erudite legal advice for companies, especially in the areas of banking, finance, business, corporate and property law. We build a ...
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