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NFCP rental equipment s.r.o. Products & services

Rental of catering equipment

We provide rental of catering equipment for various social events. We rent porcelain and glass inventory, gastro equipment, tablecloths and covers, chairs, furniture and much more in the rental of catering equipment. [ more information ]

Porcelain inventory rental

We run a porcelain inventory rental service within catering services. You can find platters and saucers, cups with saucers, spoons, etc. in the porcelain inventory rental. [ more information ]

Rental of glass inventory

We provide rental of glass inventory for ceremonial purposes. Rental of glass inventory offers wine, water and aperitifs. [ more information ]

Cutlery rental

We provide cutlery services for various catering events. Forks, ladles, spoons, knives, turners, pliers, etc. are available in the cutlery. [ more information ]

Gastro equipment rental

In our gastronomic equipment you can find inventory for banquets, catering equipment or a variety of gastronomic technologies. Gastro equipment meets all hygiene requirements. [ more information ]

Rental of tablecloths and covers

We provide tablecloths and covers for various gastronomic events. We rent classical white tablecloths, white and black chairs, decorative bracelets on chairs, etc. [ more information ]

Rental of furniture

We are renting furniture for organizing social events. We offer rental of furniture such as chairs, tables, beersets, tents, cocktail tables, children's chairs, clothes racks, space limiters, etc. [ more information ]

Rental of gastro decorations

We devote to renting gastro decorations in a very simple and clean design. In the field of gourmet decoration, you can find carafes, candles, vases, candlesticks and much more. [ more information ]

Rental of party tents

We offer rental of party tents and accessories for catering events. We provide rental of party tents, gas heaters, garden heaters, furniture,etc. [ more information ]

Technical gastro equipment

We rent technical gastronomic equipment of first class quality. The range of technical gastronomy equipment includes grills, infrared lamps, glass fridges, gastronomy carts, fryers, chocolate fountains, cooling showcases, induction cookers,etc. [ more information ]

Catering furniture rental

We focus on the rent of catering furniture and equipment. Catering furniture rental offers tables, bar stools, chairs, sofas and other equipment such as party tents, ashtrays, decorations, screens and much more. [ more information ]

Catering inventory

We rent professional catering equipment in top quality. Catering inventory offers porcelain dishes, glasses, technical gastronomy, cutlery and also decorations for festive serving. [ more information ]

Festive coverings for chairs

We lend festive covers for chairs for various social events. We offer classical chairs in classic white and fashion black. [ more information ]

Serving gastronomic equipment

We focus on stainless steel gastro equipment. In our range you can find barbecues, gastronomy carts, trays, gastronomic containers, kettles, thermoports and much more. [ more information ]

Rental of wine glasses

We offer rental of wine glasses, tasting glasses and other glass inventory. Wine glasses are rented for various social and corporate events. [ more information ]

Rental of chocolate fountain

We are renting a chocolate fountain for catering events. We provide rental of small and large chocolate fountains. [ more information ]

Rental of cafeteria furniture

We provide rental of café furniture for indoor and outdoor use. In the coffee shop area we offer coffee tables and chairs, garden heaters, as well as floor ashtrays and much more. [ more information ]

Rental of stainless steel cutlery

We offer rental of stainless steel cutlery for catering events. We have a complete inventory of stainless steel cutlery including gastronomic containers and serving equipment. [ more information ]

Textile for catering

We lend textiles for catering in a variety of designs. In the offer of textiles for catering events you can find table covers, banquets, chairs, etc. Various colors are available. [ more information ]

Rental of gastro-dishes

We provide rental of gastro-dishes for catering purposes. We offer a variety of gastronomy, grills, gastronomy carts, fryers, etc. [ more information ]