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Nábytek z palet

Nábytek z palet

We specialize in the production of pallet furniture. We guarantee quality and speed of work done. The final good can be at your place by 10 days. Do not hesitate to contact us with your order of pallet furniture, we will be happy to help you. You can choose from a wide variety of colors or wood patterns. Do not hesitate to get in touch for more information. We are look forward to our cooperation.

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Production of pallet furniture

We produce tailor-made pallet furniture from new processed palette wood. We guarantee delivery within 10 days, quality and fast work done. Our qualified staff will gladly satisfy your wishes and produce pallet furniture according to your needs. [ more information ]

Pallet beds

Get a contemporary trend in your bedroom, get a bed from our pallets, custom made for you according to your wishes and requirements. Pallet beds are very durable, you can choose from natural wood or a wide range of colors. [ more information ]

Seats from pallets

Take a seat from the pallet as design furniture to your living room or to the garden for which it will be a fitting accessory. We offer a variety of pallet chairs according to your wishes, also with a wood wax pattern that is treated with liquid wax. [ more information ]

Night tables from pallets

We are producing night tables from pallets of different sizes and colors. Night tables from pallets can also be used as design tables for children. Fantasies are unlimited. Order a table with us and you will be happy. [ more information ]

Tables and chairs from pallets

From pallets we also produce tables and chairs. Everything according to the specific requirements of our customers and tailored. Check out the qualities of our services yourself. [ more information ]

Garden furniture from pallets

Want to give your garden a unique look? Get garden furniture from the pallets, which will become a beautiful addition to your garden. Do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements for garden furniture from pallets. [ more information ]

Living room of pallets

Turn your living room into a space that will give you curiosity. Get the living room and other furniture in the living room from the pallets. Furniture is inexpensive and high-quality and now it belongs to a modern solution. [ more information ]

Garden decoration and sandboxes from pallets

From pallets we produce a lot of decorations for your garden or sandbox for your children. Nothing is a problem. Do you have a specific request? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will meet you. [ more information ]

Shelves and racks from pallets

We are also able to produce shelves and racks from pallets. Nothing is a problem. We guarantee the speed and quality of our work. We have long-term experience and qualifications, enabling us to deliver premium services in the industry. [ more information ]

Polishers and mattresses for pallet furniture

We have extended our offer also for the polishers and mattresses for pallet furniture. We will be happy to help you with the selection. Do not hesitate to contact us. [ more information ]


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Pallet shelves and racks

We produce shelves and racks from pallets. Pallet furniture has become a hit in designing apartments and gardens. Pallet furniture is simply stylish, distinctive, fashionable and simply great. Don not ...
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Pallet living walls

If you think originality and style cost a fortune, you are wrong. Look at our production of living walls from pallets and you will be surprised not only by the ...
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Original pallet seat sets

Living rooms, guest rooms, sitting in the garden, and so on-the-go original pantry sets will create a relaxed atmosphere, comfortable seating and unique design. We will produce a set of ...
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