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MOTOFAN Dariusz Michalski

Basic Introduction

MOTOFAN a long experience in the supply of air, oil, fuel, cabin, hydraulic and industrial use in the automotive, agricultural and construction industries. We are a distributor of world's leading producers of filters WIX FILTERS, FILTRON, MANN + HUMMEL, DONALDSON, BALDWIN, SF-FILTER, Parker and many others. We are a manufacturer of stretch films.

Products & services

panel filters
Panel filters - in other words, rectangular, are widely used in automotive and small internal combustion engines. Their design allowed us to save space in the engine compartment and the development of other systems.

filters round
Round filter - are made of various materials in the filter depending on how the work is to be makes the filter.

air filters
Using high-quality air filters we support a long and trouble-free engine operation. When installing such a low value - and in the market there are a large number of - systematically destroy it as our devoted savings.

hydraulic filters
Raising the level of cleanliness of hydraulic oil in the system, providing better cooling of the basic goals in designing hydraulic filters BALDWIN. Maintaining system cleanliness through proper filtration is essential.

fuel filters
Fuel filters retain contaminants found in gasoline, diesel, and are even used in LPG installations, effectively protecting the precise fuel system components for internal combustion engines from rapid wear.

cabin air filters
The task of the cabin air filter to retain dust particles, pollen and even many pollutants from the passenger compartment. There are two types of cabin air filters - simple filters stop dust and pollen and active carbon filters.

Filters for gearbox
You can purchase filters for transmission brands such as: DONALDSON, and FILTRON WIX FILTERS USA. We offer the largest selection of filters to the gearbox. Contact us and know the details of the offer.

filters, liquid
A liquid filter device for mechanically removing unwanted solids from liquid, gas or vapor stream with the participation of the perforated element.

industrial filters
Suction filter with mesh chrome-nickel, hydraulic. They are characterized by very high efficiency and precision filtration. Prized for its durability and high quality standard.

oil filters
We have oil filters: FILTRON, HENGST, Jura HiFi, MAHLE, MANN FILTER, SF-FILTER WIX FILTERS USA and NEWPARTS Filters. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

Complete sets of service filters
We have in our offer: Filters Chevrolet, MERCEDES BENZ - a set of filters, Seat - filter kits, Skoda - set of filters, Volkswagen - set of filters.

Parts for agricultural machinery
Parts Massey Ferguson: oil pressure sensor (electrical parts, brake disc Massey-Ferguson (brake system), repair kit Ursus engine (engine parts).

The product range includes wipers for cars such as the Ford C-MAX 2003-2010 AERO OXIMO, Audi A3 2003-2004 BMW 3 Series E90, E91, E93, Skoda Octavia II, V2003-2005 Volkswagen Golf, BMW X5 E70, BMW X6 AERO OXIMO.

Wipers universal type U "banana"
Wipers universal type U "banana": 300 mm, 325 mm, 350 mm, 375 mm, 400 mm, 425 mm, 450 mm, 475 mm, 500 mm. Welcome!

Parts of the original FORD
The original set of timing FORD 1780142 (+ roll bar pump water) Ford Focus, C-MAX, the B-MAX, Mondeo IV, Mazda 2, 3, Volvo C30, S40 II, V50. Numbers parts: FORD - 1 780 142 FORD - 5M5Q-8B596-AA HEPU - PK02550, the Schaeffler Group - 5.

batteries Banner
Batteries Banner - supplier of original products. Double housing Double Top: 100% protection against pouring the electrolyte, a smooth transition by tipping the battery tests.

Stretch foil
Stretch film (stretch) black 3 kg, 23 mic, 300 m high opacity - the best stretch film in Poland. In every manufacturing company, is used to preserve semi-finished and finished products at every stage of the production process or logistics.

Motor oil, automotive chemicals
We oils car and passenger vans, motorcycle gear, as well as filters and automotive chemicals at the best prices.

The device for purification. More information can be accessed on our website. Welcome!

Selling Leads

Original filters for gearboxes

Original filters for gearboxes

We have to offer filters for vacuum cleaners. The offer warehouse have wide range of filters, many manufacturers. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of the ...

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oil filtration

oil filtration

Available to customers, we have professional filters for oil. We have oil filters: FILTRON, HENGST, Jura HiFi, MAHLE, MANN FILTER, SF-FILTER WIX FILTERS USA and NEWPARTS Filters. We encourage you ...

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The original set of timing FORD

The original set of timing FORD

We sell part of the original Ford. Goods are available in stock. If you have any questions specialized staff will provide expert advice. Take advantage of the offer Firms!

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