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We specialize in floor heating PYD, which we realize in high quality and at reasonable prices. Within our services, we also provide ceiling and wall heating. For detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to meet all your requirements, we are not even afraid of specific wishes. It depends on your satisfaction. Save on the heater, please contact us.

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Underfloor heating PYD

Realization of underfloor heating

Ceiling and wall heating

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Ceiling and wall PYD heating

Timeless PYD heating technology offers not only floor heating, but also ceiling and wall variants. PYD is a highly variable system that allows tailor-made heating technology to meet the most ...
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PYD floor heating for everyone

We will provide you with the delivery and professional installation of floor heating PYD. PYD technology is a timeless alternative to classic heating units, it is more efficient, more efficient ...
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Economical heat source - PYD

Do you pay unhealthy sums for heating every year? Looking for an alternative that will not only be cheaper but also more user friendly? Then we would like to offer ...
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