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We specialize in floor PYD AI heating, which provides even heating, healthy and radiant heat and it saves you energy costs. We also provide ceiling and wall heating. For concrete information do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to fullfill your requests. We are not scared of even specific wishes. We are looking forward working with you.

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Underfloor heating PYD

We realize PYD AI underfloor heating, which evenly heats the whole floor, saves heating costs and provides radiant heat. This heating has a long service life and trouble-free operation.

Wall heating

We also provide and operate wall heating. It provides a healthy radiant heat, evenly warms the entire room and prevents the walls from damp and mold. It can also be delivered in PYD AI variant.

Ceiling heating

Another option of heating is ceiling heating. This radiant heating not only saves costs, but can also be used as cooling in the summer.

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The ingenious construction of the pyramid system PYD - THERMOSYSTEME ensures a uniform heat distribution in the room, a maximum response time to increase or decrease room temperature, save energy ...
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How to save on heating?

Thinking about saving on heating? We have a solution for you in the form of cost-effective underfloor heating PYD. The PYD system is really a brilliant solution to indoor heating, ...
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Floor, ceiling and wall heating

We perform on a very high professional level, floor, ceiling and wall heating for both residential and commercial buildings. We are supplying, assembling and expert advice on floor, ceiling and ...
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