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Michal Řezáč - Plastové bazény a jímky

Products & services

Plastic swimming pools
We produce plastic swimming pools for both outdoors and indoors use (also in atypical shapes and dimensions). The material used for the manufacturing is frostproof and UV proof.

Swimming pool technology
We supply pool technologies such as filtering and solar units, counters, UV lamps, lights, heaters and heat exchangers, stairs, ladders, vacuum cleaners etc.

Plastic sumps
We offer plastic sumps to capture sewage. Sumps are made of PP with a thickness of 5-15 mm with different capacities. It includes a protocol of tightness.

Plastic tanks for wine
We produce plastic tanks for wine for wine-makers. The material used in the production is natural PP certified for food contact. Tanks are manufactured on bespoke.

Water meter shafts
We supply plastic water meter shafts both square and round, without the need for concrete. Part of it is an inspection opening, a ladder and two holes for the water connection.

Plastic septic tanks
Plastic septic tanks for waste water are made of PP with the thickness of 5 to 15 mm, we provide the reinforcement of the vertical ribs and we test them with hydrostatic pressure.

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