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Michal Řezáč - Plastové bazény a jímky

Company Profile

Michal Řezáč - Plastové bazény a jímky

We are focusing on the plastic production since 1990 and we successfully build on the experience gained in Královopolská strojírna Brno, where we worked with materials PP, PE and PVC.

We produce plastic tanks, water meter and sewer manholes, septic tanks and reservoirs, pools and their accessories, as well as tanks for wine. Finally, we supply parts for vans, which are used for transporting food. Furthermore, we do repairs of plastic parts for the automotive industry. We offer custom production of plastic containers, not only for the food industry, as well as septic tanks for chemicals, oil and grease separators and other plastic products on bespoke.

We have our own production facilities, but the implementation is possible cooperatively. We are certified "Reliable Company".

We invite you to visit our website, where in addition to a detailed description of our activities you can also find numerous references.

Business Activity Specification

  • Retail
  • Business Service
  • Manufacturer


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