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Čekanice 342
390 02, Tábor
Czech Republic
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MGM, spol. s r.o.

Production of welding and welding technology in high quality and at reasonable prices. Among the goods we offer include mainly cutting machines, plasma CNC machine tools, welding sources, band saws and also selling sold resources. You can find all the offers and details on our website or contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you.

Products & services

Blowing machines

We offer quality burning machines that have positive features such as long life, geometric stability and extraordinary static and dynamic properties. Information on the properties of our burning machines can be found on our website.

Plasma CNC machine tools

A wide range of plasma CNC machine tools that work on the principle of creating a cutting joint by melting the cut material and blowing it through a stream of gases. The source is a plasma beam with a temperature of up to 30,000 ° C.

Sales of used resources

In our offer of services you will also find the sale of used machines. The wide range of used goods includes belt saws, welding sources, plasma sources, mobile filter units and more. Check out our offer.


MGM, spol. s r.o.
Čekanice 342, 390 02 Tábor
Czech Republic