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Martin Suszka

Martin Suszka

We provide all wiring srvices of flats and housing communities. We provide reconstruction of switchboards, electrical maintenance of housing stock, assembly of security systems, detection of faults and repairs of electrical equipment, removal of post-export faults, etc. We also focus on the realization and installation of conductors according to valid standards.

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Electrical installation work Ostrava

We perform all wiring work from simple electrical repairs to complete wiring. In the field of wiring, we also offer expert advice.

Complete wiring of flats

We carry out complete wiring of flats and housing communities according to prescribed valid standards. As part of the complete wiring of apartments, we offer a wide portfolio of electroprojections, electrical installations, wiring, repairs, etc.

Reconstruction of switchboards

We are focusing on the reconstruction of switchboards, which are faulty or no longer comply with current technical standards. Reconstruction of the switchboards is realized from the delivery of the equipment to the complete assembly of the equipment.

Establishing new supply points

We offer help with setting up new electricity take-off points. Have you bought a building plot without a network? Our company will professionally prepare a solution for the implementation of a new sampling point.

Electrical maintenance of housing stock

We specialize in the electrical maintenance of housing stock in the field of electrical installation work. Reconstruction of pipelines, troubleshooting, installation of electrical equipment, etc. We provide a trouble-free supply of energy as needed.

Design and implementation of heating control

We design and implement heating control for family houses, flats and housing communities. We offer complete electrical installation services for the high-quality implementation of the heating control, all in accordance with valid standards.

Security Systems (EZS)

We supply and assemble security systems (EZS) into various types of objects. Security training is also part of the training of the operator.

Detection and repair of electrical faults

We focus on detecting and repairing electrical faults of various electrical equipment and complete wiring. We offer fast delivery times and professional negotiations.

Removal of mast failures

We also specialize in the removal of post-consumer defects of various electrical equipment. We reliably look for the causes of the device malfunction and ensure its removal.

Lightning conductors realization and installation

We provide installation and realization of conductors for various building objects. The installation and realization of conductors is ensured completely according to the applicable standards.


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Reconstruction of switchboards Ostrava

We are focusing on the reconstruction of older types of switchboards in residential and non-residential construction. As part of the reconstruction of the switchboards, we carry out complete replacements and, ...
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Repairs of electrical equipment Ostrava

We provide repairs of various electrical equipment. We offer fast delivery times and professional approach. We will ensure rapid detection of faults in electrical equipment and subsequent disposal. For more ...
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Electrical installations Ostrava

We specialize in complete wiring of flats, family houses and housing communities. We provide all electrical installation work, including electrical installations, repairs of wiring and after-sales service. For more information ...
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