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Malíři Vratimov

Basic Introduction

We provide comprehensive painting and varnishing work in Ostrava and its surroundings. We paint your interior, the facade, make small masonry work and adjustments and also consult with historic buildings and decorative painting. We paint doors, windows, furniture, railing, metal structures, concrete floors and more. We run a professional cleaning equipment rental. Get in touch!

Products & services

Rooms Painting Ostrava
We provide rooms painting in Ostrava and its surroundings. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, and with less traditional techniques such as roller blinds. The roller blonds look nice and can be simply overwrapped unlike wallpapers.

Small Masonry Work Ostrava
We provide small masonry adjustments and work, such as the application of gypsum plaster (trowel). We will rebuild your office in a professionally, fast, in high quality and without unnecessary mess.

Offices Painting Ostrava
Does your office or surgery need a shower of fresh air? Let us paint it again! We will do everything according to your wishes; so that you can feel even better at work.

School, Nurserie and Youth Home Paintings Ostrava
We paint schools, nurseries or children and youth homes. We have the choice of a large number of colors that will shine through every interior. We can also provide a special washable coating for the corridors.

Decorative Painting
We can also help you with the decorative painting and reconstruction of historical painting. Give us your idea, we will make it happen.

Facades Painting Ostrava
We provide facade coatings as well as smoothing of plaster. Your house will look like new!

Renovation and Painting of Historic Buildings
We renovate paintings in historic buildings, such as the railway station. The building will preserve its historical character, and at the same time it will shine with newness.

Painting and Varnishing Work Ostrava
We offer painting and varnishing works in Ostrava and its surroundings. We paint metal structures, containers, roofs, gutters, fences, doors, windows, furniture, concrete floors, radiators, etc. We also do milling technique for any material.

Painting of Stairs and Railings Ostrava
We implement stairs, including balustrade and wooden handrails. For longer durability, we can make the paintwork washable.

Professional Cleaning Equipment Rental Ostrava
We operate rental of professional cleaning techniques, such as industrial vacuum cleaners or high-pressure washing equipment. For more information, please contact us.

Selling Leads

Comprehensive painting services Ostrava

Comprehensive painting services Ostrava

We provide complex painting services in Ostrava and its surroundings. The painting services of our company include a comprehensive service: from professional consultancy and used techniques, through preparatory painting work ...

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Furniture, windows and doors painting

Furniture, windows and doors painting

If it is time to finish the furniture, windows or doors, then contact us. With painting of furniture, windows, doors, etc., we have many experiences. We provide preparatory work, removal ...

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Metal Constructions Painting Ostrava

Metal Constructions Painting Ostrava

We deal with professional works in the field of coating of metal constructions, railings, containers, radiators, etc. We work in Ostrava and surroundings, if you are interested, we will be ...

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