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LUSTY spol.s r.o. Products & services

supporting structures

We build the structure. We perform the construction of steel structures according to customer requirements, not only in the district.

Facade systems

We supply quality facade systems. The market offers many types of facade systems that are suitable for houses and industrial buildings. We provide complete supply, including actual implementation.

Horizontal roofs on a turnkey basis

We provide creation of horizontal roof cladding key. We supply a comprehensive flat roof and leveling technology, in collaboration with Remmers.

Waterproofing basements and roofs

We provide waterproofing basements and waterproofing of roofs. We supply building insulation from both PVC and HDPE films, which are popular for their long warranty period and relatively fast application.

Building chemistry

We ensure the delivery of construction chemicals. For more information contact us.

industrial floors

We supply flooring for industrial production halls, warehouses and livable spaces. We specialize in concrete, anhydrite and mechanically polished floors.

Reconstruction of buildings - Liberec

We are engaged in construction activities in the framework of reconstruction of buildings. We perform reconstructive supplies and reconstruction of prefabricated houses, schools, industrial and manufacturing facilities and other buildings. We provide services for energy efficient buildings.

Terraces - Liberec

We provide building terraces for family and commercial buildings. During the construction of terraces utilize years of experience in the construction and supply high quality materials.

Implementation pools

We are dedicated to the construction of swimming pools. We realize pools including the necessary documentation, under favorable conditions, we provide earthwork, we have our own equipment and quality materials. Of course the quality tiles.