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LR SERVIS Daňové poradenství

LR SERVIS Daňové poradenství

We provide tax advice, accounting services and auditing services to organizations, businesses and small businesses. Our activities include external bookkeeping services, tax management and tax returns. We are also engaged in auditing activities. We ensure thorough auditing of accounts according to the requirements of valid legislation.

Products & services

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Accounting services Prague

We offer professional accounting services for business entities.

Tax advice Prague

We provide professional tax advice for both physical and legal persons.

Auditing services Prague

We provide comprehensive audit services.

External bookkeeping Prague

We deal with external bookkeeping for companies, organizations and small businesses.

Keeping of tax records Prague

We provide tax records management and tax advisory services.

Processing of tax returns Prague

We deal with the processing of tax returns of all types.

Selling Leads

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External financial advisory Prague

We provide external accountancy for companies, organizations and small businesses. In the framework of external financial consultancy, we will be able to assist you fully with the accounting and tax ...
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Management of tax agenda Prague

We offer professional tax management for both natural and legal persons, payers and non-payers of VAT. We provide complete processing of the tax agenda as well as all types of ...
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Accounting agenda Prague

We deal with keeping an accounting agenda for companies, organizations and small businesses. We offer processing of your accounting documents, financial statements as well as tax returns, including submission to ...
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