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Likvidace odpadů Janovský a syn Selling Leads

Removing of black dumps

We are dealing with removing of black dumps and putting the contaminated sites in the required state. Instead of a black dump, we clean the garbage, we will completely remove the waste and we will also prepare the green plantation by agreement. When removing black landfills, we are working to restore and preserve the environment. We discard all waste in our collection yard in Prague 4.

You can find complete information on our website.

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Pruning of trees

We focus on pruning new trees, setting up their crown or reviving old or overgrown trees. Perform cuttings of foundation trees, educational slices, medical cuts, safety cuts or illuminating cuts. We have modern garden mechanization and we are able to cut trees in poorly accessible places.

For more information, please visit our website.

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Professional felling of trees

We perform professional felling of trees, even with the use of a fork lift. Tree felling is best left to experts to prevent the risk of personal injury or damage to property. We are also able to ensure the risk of tree felling. The wood waste and cut branches are then disposed of in a powerful FARM crusher and returned to nature as a mulch.

For complete information, please visit our website.

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Material for backfills and shipments

We supply stock for backfills and shipments in a variety of variants. There are sands, rubble, wastes, etc. For more information and current offer of materials for consignments and deliveries, please contact us.

All material is stored in our depot.

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Gardening works Prague

We provide complete gardening work for greenery in private gardens, public spaces, or outdoor commercial areas. We offer a wide portfolio of gardening works including the creation of new gardens or the reclamation of sites after the disposal of the black dumos. Our services include, for example, stump mowing, destruction of biowaste, felling and tree trunks, tree cuts, maintenance of public greenery, establishment and maintenance of lawns, winter maintenance of gardens, etc.

Visit our website.

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