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Letňanské pekařství Oheim

Letňanské pekařství Oheim

We produce high class bakery from the highest quality Czech raw materials. We provide production of basic bakery, pastry, bread baking, wedding cakes, "Chodské" cakes, bakery for weddings and banquets, whole-grain bakery and also bakery from puff pastry. We provide bread baking on bespoke.

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Production of bread and pastries - Prague

We focus on bakery production of regular bakery products from quality Czech plain wheat flour. We will bring ordinary bread to your table or your stores. We offer bread rolls, bread, cakes, donuts, etc. in the production of regular bread.

Confectionery - Prague

We manufacture confectionery products to order. Confectionery products are offered in varied variants - donuts, roasted and wedding cakes, cakes, cheese and apple snails, apple sauces and other confectionery products and snacks.

Production of sweet pastries - Prague

We are engaged in the production of sweet pastries for everyday and festive events. Sweet pastries include a variety of cakes, donuts, horseradish cakes, cheese and apple snails, and many more.

Bread baking - bakery Prague

We are focusing on baking bread from the highest quality Czech raw materials. We provide baking of bread rye, wheat, light and dark, with different seeds and without. Bread we can produce special shapes suitable for various banquets, weddings, etc.

Wedding cakes - production and sale Prague

We offer wedding cakes completely according to your ideas. Wedding cakes are available with different fillings and decorations. We can also make atypical wedding cakes on request.

"Chodské" cakes on order - production Prague

On order we will be glad to cook honest cake cakes. Chodské cakes are baked from high-quality raw materials with curd, poppy, nuts, plums, marmalade and raisins. Upon request, any motive can be created.

Pastry for weddings and banquets - Prague

We deliver pastry for weddings and banquets exactly according to your individual requirements. Breads for weddings are available in both sweet and salty designs. We can also provide atypical bakery production on request.

Custom made bread - production Prague

Bake baked goods according to your taste. We offer custom made bread products in various variants: roasted salami and sweet pastries, wedding cakes, pasta cakes, whole grains, bread, pastry for weddings and banquets, etc.

Whole grain bread - production Prague

We are devoted to baking whole-grain bread. Whole-grain bread is baked in various variants with or without seed admixtures, ordering and baking various kinds of bread.

Dough products - bakery Prague

We make bakery products made from foliar dough in sweet and salty versions. We produce baked dough products for everyday and festive occasions, including custom-made production.


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Sliced ​​fresh bread

We provide fresh, sliced ​​bread with long shelf life to restaurants, hotels and catering agencies. Nothing surpasses the smell of fresh bread! Bread from our production will make your dinners ...
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Fluffy donuts - market stalls

We can provide fluffy donuts, for years and generations of proven recipes, on the weekend and festive table. While the world of flavors controls fashion, trends, and lovers of all ...
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Leaven bread for a healthy life

We deliver excellent sour bread to hotels, restaurants, and other facilities where people go for good food and well-being. A crunchy crust, a smooth crust, the perfect scent will get ...
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