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LESAK s.r.o. - Váhy a vážicí systémy

LESAK s.r.o. - Váhy a vážicí systémy

We specialize in sale, service and production of scales, weighing and treasury systems. We offer business and industrial scales for a wide spectrum of usage, standard and atypical dimensions and designs. You can choose on our e-shop or we can produce a scale on bespoke, according to your concrete requirements.

Products & services

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Suspended digital scales

Suspended digital scales are certified for commercial weighing up to 1500 kg. Hanging digital scales are equipped with a backlit LED display and can be operated continuously for up to 40 hours. We can also supply a swivel hook. [ more information ]

Butcher scales

Butcher weighing scales can be delivered with a certificate for commercial weighing. Butcher Scales - suspended slaughter, floor cattle, table, carrier bridges, floor recessed, floor entrance, floor palette and as an add-on labeling device. [ more information ]

Bridge scales

Bridge scales are used for weighing cars and trucks. The bridge scales are provided in various designs with the possibility of being incorporated into the ground or as a separate weighing scale. Bridge scales - axle, automotive and multi-module. [ more information ]

Track scales

Track scales are manufactured to order according to individual requirements. Track scales used to obtain information about the weight of each car and the whole train in motion. Easy assembly and transport without the use of any technology. [ more information ]

Platform scales

Platform scales are equipped with an indicator and a stainless steel weighing platform. Platform scales can weight from 3 kg to 600 kg. They have various functions - zero, tare, etc. and are suitable for weighing ingredients, food ... [ more information ]

Inertia scales

Inertia scales are suitable for weighing large-sized goods. Inertia scales offer weighing up to 1500 kg. We also deliver inertias with saving on the scales. Inertia scales may also be equipped with an indicator that is usually placed on the wall. [ more information ]

Counting ratio scales

Counting ratio scales serve for easy weighting and counting of fasteners. Counting ratio scales are available in a variety of weight categories and designs: counting laboratory scales, bridge counting scales, business counting scales, and so on. [ more information ]

Continuous controling scales

Continuous controling scales ensure compliance with the weight of the product at a set limit. Among the continuous controling scales belows eg. weighing system for filling and dispensing, automatic weighing conveyor for control, etc. [ more information ]

Suspended crane scales

Suspended crane scales are designed for weight weighing up to 50 tons. They are designed for hanging and weighing the object in a dream and equipped with a sturdy swivel hook, high quality carabiner, LED display and remote control. [ more information ]

Weighing bridges

Weighing bridges offer weighing up to 600 kg. The weighing bridges are supplied with optional accessories - indicators, evaluation units. The weighing bridges can be certified for weighing food, raw materials, etc. [ more information ]

Commercial counter scales

We sell commercial counter scales. Commercial scales for different types of establishments - special scales for fish, meat etc. Scales are in different weight categories and offer label-print. We also trade POS terminals with weight and large screen. [ more information ]

Cash registers

We offer simple and powerful cash registers for different operations. We offer brands SHARP and EURO to stores, restaurants and sales outlets. All are equipped with thermoprinting and you can choose from models with or without a cash drawer. [ more information ]

Revenue and expedition scales

Revenue and expedition scales for weighing goods, foodstuffs, raw materials, etc. They are offered in a compact desktop, bridge, floor and platform design. They are equipped with many features, eg. zero, tare and others. [ more information ]

Industrial weighing terminals

We are selling POSINOX and NOAX industrial weighing terminals, including hygiene-related technologies. These are touch screen industrial computers that are equipped with a wall mount and one or two weighing modules. [ more information ]

Parcel and veterinary scales

Weighing scales especially for baling weights up to 300 kg in many designs. We also distribute veterinary scales, for weighing not only animals - veterinary scales can also be used as parcel, technological, warehouse or control scales. [ more information ]


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Castor scales

We are dedicated to the production and sale of skid scales. We offer skids scales for weighing pallets of goods or non-standard size and weight. The strength and stability of ...
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We supply thermo-labels for printing on weighing machines. Thermo-labels are available in different versions: thermo-labels are 55 mm or 58 mm wide. Thermoelectric discs are in stock and we are ...
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Table counting scales

We deliver desktop computing scales for check weighing and counting. Table counting scales offers many functions: counting, counting backfill, automatic counting and sending data, limit weighing etc. Table counting scales ...
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