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LABOX spol.s r.o. Selling Leads

Microbiological safety cabinet (MSC) MB

Microbiological safety cabinet class II. according EN 12469:2000 for product and worker protection. Czech top product.
- Fully automated operation controlled by microprocessor unit which ensures for optimal parameters of air flow within work chamber
- State of the art components
- Superior customization
- Integration of client technology

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Phone for clean rooms K-2000

Clean room phone provide voice communication inside and outside the clean room. Meets requirements for ease use, cleanable (IP65), and resistance against common disinfectants. The phone can be integrated into or on the clean room walls. It has a touch keypad and is equipped with clock and emergency button. Communication is possible via Ethernet (VoIP phone) or the K-2000 phone can be connected to standard analogue phone line (analog PBX). For a quote or more information, please contact us.

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Laminar airflow cabinet FBB120-IVF

laminar flow cabinet with vertical airflow for In vitro fertilisation centers FBB120-IVF. Czech product, top product.
- Special laminar flow cabinet for work in the IVF centers.
- Set consists of components that are designed to obtain optimum working condition with cells and embryos
- According to customer requirements we can integrating into the cabinet technologies, such as: a stereo-microscope, inverted microscope, heated work plate, CO2 incubator, LED lighting, and more.

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Laminar Airflow Modules FBB120 PORTAL

Modular laminar airflow system FBB120-PORTAL for product protection, for large manual working areas or technological lines cover. Czech top product.
- fully automatic operation controlled by a microprocessor unit providing optimal parameters of the laminar airflow in
working areas.
- low operating costs
- easy to transport and maintenance
- very stable contruction
- 24/7 operation
- wide range of dimensional
- Custom manufacturing (we can integrate your technology)

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Validation of thermal processes

Validation of steam and hot air sterilizers, freezers, thermostats, CO2 incubators, refrigerators, cold storage chamber, drying, etc according to EN, ISO, GMP. The temperature map, stability studies, the penetration of heat into the material, media, etc.
- sterilizers
- fridge
- freezers
- thermostats
- incubators (including CO2)
- centrifuges
Accredited testing laboratory according to EN ISO/IEC 17025
Worldwide recognition of results is guaranteed (member ILEC).

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