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LABOX spol.s r.o. Selling Leads

Laminar Airflow Modules FBB120 PORTAL

Modular laminar airflow system FBB120-PORTAL for product protection, for large manual working areas or technological lines cover. Czech top product.
- fully automatic operation controlled by a microprocessor unit providing optimal parameters of the laminar airflow in
working areas.
- low operating costs
- easy to transport and maintenance
- very stable contruction
- 24/7 operation
- wide range of dimensional
- Custom manufacturing (we can integrate your technology)

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Calibration of particle counters

primary and secondary calibration of particle counters and aerosol photometers (nephelometers) acc. ISO 21501 (before JIS B 9921).
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Clean rooms turn-key

Design and supply of clean rooms turn-key system (design - realization - qualification - maintenance)
- cytostatic agents preparation workplace
- production and processing of radiopharmaceuticals
- surgeries
- microbiological / virological laboratories
- operational, research, manufacturing and inspection spaces
- spaces with high requirements on cleanliness (dustiness), temperature or humidity
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Interlocking system for clean rooms

interlocking control system for clean rooms SZ2000 ensure that doors of the transfer lock are never simultaneously open, thus precluding formation of a direct corridor between uncontrolled area and the clean area or between adjacent clean rooms of different grades of cleanliness (protection of clean area from potential source of (ontamination). The system operation and construction are in accordance with EN ISO 14644. For a quote or more information, please contact us.

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Phone for clean rooms K-2000

Clean room phone provide voice communication inside and outside the clean room. Meets requirements for ease use, cleanable (IP65), and resistance against common disinfectants. The phone can be integrated into or on the clean room walls. It has a touch keypad and is equipped with clock and emergency button. Communication is possible via Ethernet (VoIP phone) or the K-2000 phone can be connected to standard analogue phone line (analog PBX). For a quote or more information, please contact us.

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