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LABOX spol.s r.o. Company Profile

LABOX spol.s r.o. We specialize in the supply of clean rooms for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, electronics, food processing and biotechnology.  We produce and supply laminar flow cabinets for applications requiring high level of cleanliness in the working area. We also offer biohazard cabinets, microbiological safety cabinets and biological safety cabinets class III. for works with biologically active and toxic substances, which represent the highest protection level to operators and the environment from possible contamination.


  • Laminar flow cabinets
  • Microbiological safety cabinets
  • Laminar flow modular system
  • Clean room open door signalization
  • Phone for clean rooms

We also provide measurement, qualification and validation of laboratories, clean rooms, operating theaters, etc.

We provide full facility management for clean room technology, laboratories and other facilities with controlled environments.

More information can be found on our website.


LABOX spol.s r.o.



Business Activity Specification

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Business Service
  • Manufacturer

Foreign Trade

  • Export