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KTR CR, spol. s r.o.

Basic Introduction

We specialize in the production of mechanical energy transmission components. We supply shaft couplings, flanged couplings, hydraulic coolers, plate coolers, brake systems, hydraulic brakes, safety clutches, clamping sleeves, pump holders, shock absorbers, hinges, clamping nuts, etc. The full range of assortments can be found in the catalog on our website.

Products & services

We develop and supply clutches - shaft couplings, anticorrosive couplings, flange couplings, double cardan couplings, shaft couplings, gear clutches, servo couplings, pin and clutch couplings, brake drum clutches, etc., including service.

We offer hydraulic precision coolers. We supply oil / water coolers TAK, OAC oil / air coolers, PHE plate heat sink, combined cooler MMC.

Brake systems
We design and manufacture brake systems including hydraulic brakes and electromechanical brakes for use in industrial applications. Hydraulic and electromechanical brakes are produced both in active and passive brakes.

Hydraulic components
We manufacture hydraulic components for stationary and mobile hydraulics. We provide pump holders, damping rails, steel tanks, oil basins under the tanks, level markers, radiators, radiators, industry. Thermoregulators, temperature sensors etc.

Safety couplings
We produce safety couplings with a breaking torque of up to 60 00 Nm. We deliver coupling couplings in various designs: sprocket couplings, sprocket couplings or shaft-shaft couplings.

Clamping sleeves
We provide clamping sleeves for shaft and hub connection without wear. We offer self-centering clamping sleeves, non-centering clamping sleeves, outer clamping sleeves, clamping sleeve for rigid, powerless torque transmission.

DATAFLEX ® 16 Meters
We supply torque meters for measurements in the range of 10 Nm, 30 Nm and 50 Nm. DATAFLEX ® 16 Torque Meters are recommended for use with the RADEX NC or ROTEX GS coupling.

Pump holders
We offer pump holders in design with ventilation holes. Pump holders optimally adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft. They can also be mounted horizontally using the pump holder.

Clamping nuts
We secure clamping nuts with screws with strengths of 8.8 and 10.9. Clamping nuts are very easy and quick to install without the need for special tools.

Damping bars
We supply damping bars to effectively reduce noise and vibration. We are able to provide damping strips even in special lengths and designs on request.

Selling Leads

Safety connectors KTR-SI FRE

Safety connectors KTR-SI FRE

In our offer you can also find KTR-SI FRE torque limiters, which can be easily combined with ROTEX®, GEARex® or RADEX®-N couplings. The KTR-SI FRE safety couplings provide overload protection ...

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ROTEX® shaft couplings

ROTEX® shaft couplings

We offer ROTEX® shaft couplings for torque transfer and damping of torsional vibrations. Shaft couplings are provided with holes in accordance with ISO in tolerance H7 and groove for pen ...

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Passive braking systems KTR-STOP® NC

Passive braking systems KTR-STOP® NC

We are focusing on delivering top-of-the-range passive braking systems KTR-STOP® NC from the German manufacturer KTR with a long tradition in the field of couplings, brake and safety systems development ...

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