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Petr Krejník

Products & services

Manufacture of electric resistance furnaces
We specialize in the production of electric resistance furnaces for the domestic and foreign markets. We have been producing electric resistance furnaces since 1989.

Electrical resistance furnaces
We focus on electric resistance furnaces for burning ceramics, melting glass into molds, or processing metals such as gold. We supply electrical resistance furnaces to artistic or educational institutions, but also to private individuals.

Burning furnaces for melting glass
We supply baking furnaces for melting glass into molds. Burning furnaces for melting glass are made of refractory material and are coated with an anticorrosive coating.

Furnaces for ceramics firing
We are engaged in the production and sale of furnaces for ceramics and glass melting. Ceramic kiln furnaces are supplied in various sizes according to the needs of use.

Furnaces repairs
We provide repairs of furncases for ceramics and glass melting. We provide renovations and repairs of blast furnaces including complete advisory service in the field of service and maintenance of blast furnaces.

Furnaces for melting glass into molds
We offer furnaces for melting glass to form of lightweight refractory materials. The glass melting furnaces are equipped with BENTRUP TC 66 programmable controllers.

Renovations of furnaces
We carry out renovations of the blast furnaces, their repairs and service. We are focusing on the renovation of various types of furnases for ceramics, glass melting, or the processing of certain types of metals.

Spare parts for firing furnases
We supply spare parts for firing furnases. We provide sales of spare parts for furnases such as spirals, insulating materials, regulation, etc.

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