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Petr Krejník

Company Profile

Petr Krejník

We specialize in the production of electric resistance furnaces for burning ceramics, melting glass into molds or processing metallurgical materials. All of our burning furnaces are made of modern lightweight refractory materials. The furnaces are equipped with the BENTRUP TC 66 programmable controller and the temperature measurement is provided by the Pt-RhPt thermocouple. Electrical resistance furnaces are coated with an anticorrosive coating. We provide a 24-month warranty on all our products and warranty and post-warranty service is a matter of course.

Burning furnaces are manufactured according to standardized models or we will produce an oven according to your specific requirements. We will take you to the place where you will learn the finished kiln and we will train the personnel in the field of service and maintenance of the burning furnace.

We also renovate old furnaces, repair them and then service them. We supply spare parts for firing furnaces.

As a complementary activity we operate a shop with furnishings and accessories .

The full range of our assortment of furnaces can be found on our website.

Business Activity Specification

  • Retail
  • Business Service
  • Manufacturer


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