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Basic Introduction

Atypical metal production - we provide metal production and realization of exterior and interior elements made of steel, stainless steel, stone or glass. We provide engineering and consulting services in locksmithery.

Products & services

Interior staircase Prague
We are engaged in production of interior staircase. Our interior staircase is made atypical, tailored to customer requirements and requirements.

Atypical metalwork Prague
We offer atypical metal production. Atypical metal production - custom made according to the requirements of stairs, garden or facade elements.

Metal staircases Prague
We are engaged in the production of metal staircases. We provide a complete implementation of the metal railing - from the creation of the project to the construction and installation of the railing.

Glass staircase Prague
We offer complete services in the production of glass staircases. We produce glass stairs including metallic elements and ensure complete assembly.

Rotating stairs Prague
We supply spiral stairways that are suitable for both interiors and exteriors. The rotating stairs are combined with glass and metal or metal.

Metal handrail Prague
We produce quality metal railings. The metal railing consists of a steel frame with a corresponding anti-corrosion treatment - suitable for both interior and exterior.

Roof skylights Prague
We deal with the production and installation of roof skylights. High-quality roof skylights provide natural daylight and good building ventilation.

Gate systems Prague
We offer the manufacture and installation of complete door systems. We supply door systems, private and industrial garage doors, house and interior doors, etc.

Balcony railings Prague
We are dedicated to the design and production of balcony railing. Balcony railings made of high quality materials that fit both interior and exterior.

Hydraulic presses Prague
We are involved in the production of hydraulic presses. Hydraulic presses are supplied for automotive and industrial applications - they also meet the special needs of the technology.

Production of hydraulic systems Prague
We offer the production of hydraulic systems. Production of hydraulic systems for all areas of use - we have many years of experience and expertise.

Locksmith Prague
We are engaged in locksmithing in Prague. Within the locksmith's production we will provide the production of roof skylights, interior staircases, metal railings, etc.

Custom metalworking Prague
We provide custom metalwork. Custom metalworking is done both in piece and in series, always according to the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Paper machines Prague
We are involved in the production of parts and accessories for paper machines. We produce the parts and accessories for paper machines in the highest quality.

Selling Leads

Door systems

Door systems

Door systems. We offer locksmithing and we manufacture door systems. We manufacture metal door frames, fittings, rails for sliding doors etc. We manufacture all door systems and we offer atypical ...

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Facade systems

Facade systems

Facade systems. We manufacture metal facade systems and other metal building elements. We are engaged in locksmithing for construction. We offer services for construction companies, but also for private persons. ...

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Outdoor awnings

Outdoor awnings

Outdoor awnings. We produce outdoor awnings and metal building elements. We offer outdoor metal awnings in combination with other materials, such as glass, plexiglass, wood, etc. We can make outdoor ...

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