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Koupelnové žebříky Selling Leads

Bathroom stainless steel ladder combined

Bathroom stainless steel ladders combined, handmade with the highest quality workmanship. Prices of combined stainless steel radiators from 6 000 to CZK. More info can be found on our e-shop.

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Electric stainless steel ladder into bat

Electric stainless steel ladder to the bathroom in the highest quality you can find in various designs on our e-shop. Electric stainless steel ladder made ​​by Czech manufacturer, we own certificates state test. Stainless steel ladders are possible to use as electrical, or connect the circuit and perhaps even a combination of both.

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Stainless steel bathroom towel-heater

We produce stainless steel radiators 14 years for the European market. We are looking for new business partners. Please contact us by e-mail.
Thank you.

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