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Koupelnové žebříky

Koupelnové žebříky

We offer handmade designer radiators from brushed stainless steel with excellent calorific value and unique characteristics. We run a shop - stainless steel bathroom ladders, stainless steel bathroom radiators, stainless steel heating.

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Bathroom stainless steel ladders, radiators

Bathroom towel radiators are made of brushed stainless steel. Its unique surface stainless steel radiators achieve excellent properties calorific value. [ more information ]

Stainless steel radiators

Radiators Stainless steel - brushed stainless steel elegance, each piece radiator is hand processed, maintenance-free up to 10 years. The manufacturer is a purely Czech company, all products are properly certified testing institute in Brno. [ more information ]

Stainless steel design radiators

We supply designer radiators stainless-ladders. Our stainless steel radiators are hand made in the highest possible quality. During 14 years of production have gained many satisfied customers throughout Europe. [ more information ]

Radiators, stainless steel ladders, radiators

We offer stainless steel heaters, radiators, bathroom ladders. Stainless steel radiators for the bathroom are made of stainless steel type AISI 304th [ more information ]

Stainless steel heater, stainless steel radiators

We operate e-hop / shop heater with stainless steel / stainless steel heating elements. In our store you will find stainless steel heater suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, attics, corridors and under. [ more information ]

Combined stainless steel radiators

We are selling the stainless steel wall-mounted radiators with a combined heating. Combined stainless steel radiators are utilized primarily in the bathrooms. [ more information ]

Manual processing

Each piece stainless steel bathroom heater is manually processed, underscoring the precise quality of the entire product range, as well as outstanding design with a unique surface.

Maintenance-free heaters

Our offer radiators proud of brushed stainless steel and a great calorific value. Compared to conventional stainless bathroom radiators, heating elements require no maintenance for 10 years.

expert advice

Need help with choosing the right stainless steel bathroom heater just for you? We will with all the advice and help to meet all requirements and wishes.

Stainless steel towel rails

Stainless steel towel racks will provide not only a design accessory, but also a practical solution to extend points during drying. These stainless steel hooks can be placed in any part of our radiator. [ more information ]

Stainless steel bathroom radiators - accessories

We sell all the necessary range of accessories for stainless steel radiators. In the menu options, refer square stainless steel attachment and middle connection. [ more information ]

Warranty up to 5 years

Top quality and elegant style. It offers a stainless steel heater, but that's not all. Most of the assortment get a guarantee until 10 years old on the bathroom ladder from us.

Traffic bathroom heating FREE

How much will it cost right? That is a question that considers almost everyone. Whether it's the smallest radiator, heater or oversize, no shipping charge. Transport is in fact free. [ more information ]

Electric heaters - heating rod

We enable you to purchase an appropriate heating element. We will advise you what type selected due to the calorific value of the heater. [ more information ]

Electric stainless steel radiators - accessories

The electric radiators, stainless steel bathroom accessories supply. Among the accessories, for example, include a fork switch VS1 unbeatable price 136 CZK. [ more information ]

electronic regulators

Do you want to regulate your room temperature by? You can choose the temperature with an electronic regulator, the maximum current is 10A. [ more information ]


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Bathroom stainless steel ladder combined

Bathroom stainless steel ladders combined, handmade with the highest quality workmanship. Prices of combined stainless steel radiators from 6 000 to CZK. More info can be found on our e-shop.
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Electric stainless steel ladder into bat

Electric stainless steel ladder to the bathroom in the highest quality you can find in various designs on our e-shop. Electric stainless steel ladder made ​​by Czech manufacturer, we own ...
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Stainless steel bathroom towel-heater

We produce stainless steel radiators 14 years for the European market. We are looking for new business partners. Please contact us by e-mail. Thank you.
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