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Basic Introduction

We provide comprehensive legal and advisory services in the field of intangible property protection. We offer professional representation in the process of applying for invention, utility models, designs and trademarks. We also represent you in the sphere of dispute agenda, copyright lawsuits, domain disputes and also in dealing with unfair competition.

Products & services

Representation in the application procedure
We offer representation services in the process of applying for invention in the Czech and Slovak Republic through a national patent. We also provide representation in the patent application procedure also through the European Patent.

Registration of utility models
We are dedicated to ensuring the registration of utility models in the Czech and Slovak Republics. We will fully represent you in communication with the relevant authorities.

Patent monitoring
We focus on monitoring the validity of patents, utility models and supplementary certificates. We would like to draw attention to the timely execution of payment of patent renewal fees.

Representation in disputed proceedings
We provide professional representation in disputed proceedings - patent revocation proceedings, utility model deletion proceedings, originator proceedings, co-ownership, disputes over compensation for inventions and utility models, and so on.

Applications for industrial designs
We comprehensively process industrial design applications. For industrial design applications, we provide an assessment of the industrial design capability and industrial design classification in the Locarno system.

Trademark applications
We provide trademark applications. We offer expert consultations, assessment of trademark registration, searches in trade mark registers, classification of products and services according to the Nice Nice classification.

Industrial and copyright law consultancy
We provide professional advice on industrial and copyright law. We offer services for the development of patent applications and utility models. We will arrange for you complete communication with the appropriate authorities.

Sportive agenda
We deal with representation in the area of ​​controversial agenda. We offer representation of the disputed agenda for infringement of trademark, patent, utility and industrial design rights, in the case of unfair competition, copyright disputes, etc.

Researches and monitoring of industrial designs
We provide search and monitoring of industrial designs. We provide services in the field of protection against imitation of industrial designs.

Trademark valuation
We focus on the valuation of trademarks according to the valid legislation. We provide comprehensive customer service for trademarks.

License contracts
We provide complete legal services in the field of licensing contracts. We prepare licensing agreements for industrial property, copyright, database rights, know - how, franchising contracts and works contracts.

Franchising agreements
We are dedicated to developing a franchise agreement for a particular system. We prepare the franchising agreements according to your requirements and in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Representation in copyright disputes
We provide expert services in the field of representation in copyright disputes. We provide representation of authors in court and extrajudicial proceedings and protect their rights under copyright law.

Protection of designations of origin
We offer legal and administrative support for the protection of designations of origin. We ensure the processing and filing of applications for designations of origin and applications for geographical indications.

Trademark monitoring
Trademark monitoring. We undertake a thorough review of trademark applications in their respective registers.

Representation in domain disputes
We specialize in legal representation in domain disputes before general and arbitration courts. We provide comprehensive legal advice and consultation in domain disputes.

Protection against unfair competition
We provide services in the field of protection against unfair competition. We offer complete representation in dealing with offenders and the courts.

Protection of intangible assets
We provide legal services in the field of intangible property protection. The protection of intangible assets deals with the processing of applications and registration of patents, utility models, industrial designs, trade marks, etc.

Writing changes to the patent register
We make changes to the Register of Patents. This is in particular a change of name or address, transfer of rights or registration of a license.

Research and assessment of patentability
We provide searches and assessment of patentability. We provide an assessment of the novelty of the patent, the description of the invention, patent claims, annotations and drawings.

Selling Leads

Protection of industrial rights

Protection of industrial rights

We provide legal and administrative services in the field of industrial property protection. We provide filing and registration of patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, protection of designations of origin, etc. ...

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Patents and utility models

Patents and utility models

We offer legal, advisory and consulting services in the field of patents and utility models. We provide representation in the national patent application, European patent, PCT International patent application, including ...

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Representation in disputed proceedings

Representation in disputed proceedings

We provide professional legal representation in disputes concerning infringement of trademark, patent, industrial design, etc. We offer representation in disputes of unfair competition, copyright disputes, domain disputes and other intellectual ...

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