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A fun indoor interactive playground for kids. You will find tens of meters of tunnels and bridges, cinemas with audiovisual accessories, queen39;s seat, ant hatchery, and a tree design that you can explore from the inside as well as from the outside.

Swing Klasik

This simple and years-tested design will delight every child's heart. The classic swing consists of acacia construction made of naturally curved poles, two rubber seats and a chain. Anchoring is done using concrete pads.

Swing Nest

Swing in the form of a nest is currently a very popular element of playgrounds. Our "nest" is a staggered, acacia structure with naturally curved poles, rocking nest, chain and steel core ropes.

Climbing wall

The climbing wall supports movement, enjoys the little climbers while being safe. We use a combination of acacia and oak as a material. The construction consists of two opposite climbing walls with colored handles. The wall is securel.

Hexagon shed

The hexagonal climbing cradle includes a climbing wall with clips, a handgrip with steel grips, a swingarm, a pole with treads, and a climbing net. The construction consists of acacia, naturally curved poles. Additional oak wood is used.


Pavučina children's kit consists of turret from acacia poles supplemented with plastic slide. The tower is also provided with a cross-linked climbing wall with steel cores, steel beams, climbing rope and platform. The slide may also be stainless.

Assemble a ship

The boat assembly is a very attractive element that the children love. It is made of acacia stakes with oak elements. Includes two stainless steel (plastic) slides, two platforms, a rope ladder, a chain bridge, a wall with a rope and other elements

Rope pyramid

The rope pyramid is one of the most sought after elements, thanks to the interesting appearance and the possibility of significant children's exercise. The rope pyramid consists of an acacia pole and a rope net with steel cores.

Six-legged garden gazebo

Six-leaf garden gazebos are a popular and useful addition to parks, gardens and various nature trails. Altans are constructed from acacia support columns with natural curvature and oak elements.

Picnic set

The picnic set is an interesting element that is practical and does not disturb the natural environment. It is made up of a table and storks. Picnic set is made of acacia and supplemented with oak elements.


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